TurismoCity opens operations in Colombia

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TurismoCity opens operations in Colombia
Tue October 15, 2019

The platform compares the values ​​of flights, hotels and packages of more than 100 travel agencies

The travel search engine TurismoCity.com seeks to strengthen and position its service in Colombia, thereby confirming its directives that shape its strategy for becoming a major player in the tourism market in the country. The platform, which compares the values ​​of flights, hotels and packages of more than 100 travel agencies, appeared at the beginning of 2014 and with the past year has positioned itself as a leader in different Latin American countries.

For those Colombian travelers looking for travel and destinations with a magnifying glass, hoping for the best opportunity to buy tours and tourism plans, TurismoCity will become your best ally. Its service presents the first technology that detects last minute flight offers. On the other hand, it facilitates the creation of personalized alerts that identify when low price air tickets.

Now it is launched to conquer the Colombian travelers with prices, offers and service: “we see a lot of potential, and that there is no other platform to let you know in real time when the prices drop” comments Julián Gurfinkiel Co-Founder and partner of TurismoCity adds that “we are a metabuscador that compares the price of all travel agencies and airlines. We do not sell anything, bell we derive from the user to the reserve site that has the best price; so are some of us in the search engine search engine and there is Google on the trips where the most amazing people are catching on their free trips to our system. ”.

TurismoCity allows users to search for the most competitive hotel, flight and package prices. At present it receives around 6,000,000 visits per month and with more than 3,000,000 downloads of its application in mobile telephones.

TurismoCity, which is rapidly becoming a major search engine for the largest and largest hotels in Argentina and Chile, is in full growth in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

Many look for the best day, time or perfect opportunity to buy their next vacations; A business trip is the family home, but being sure the price paid was the best. Agencies and airlines decide their values ​​without being aware that they are convenient for us. From now on, TurismoCity, a technology that compares flight prices between different agencies and airlines, detecting attractive offers and offering its users all the possible alternatives.

"This type of technology works so that you want to be able to search for any destination, whether national or international and choose to send an alert only for a change of value in the tariff, a good offer of the best value. that we have found for this destiny "explains Julián.

The Colombian market has all the potential for TurismoCity to rapidly and rapidly position itself, as a receptive destination or as an emerging market. More and more Colombians are looking for where to travel abroad as well as awakening the interest of millions of tourists who come across Colombia as the best option for their travel experiences, which we want to facilitate.


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