90% of Iberostar's gastronomic proposal comes from local food

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90% of Iberostar's gastronomic proposal comes from local food
Tue October 15, 2019

The hotel chain reaffirmed its commitment to responsible tourism through its Honest Food program, which promotes a natural, fresh, homemade cuisine with native raw materials

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts celebrates World Food Day with a completely innovative gastronomic proposal in the tourism sector. Through Honest Food, Iberostar redesigned its culinary proposal to choose raw materials from local producers that work responsibly and with ecological methods, taking priority care of the environment.

In recent years, the trend towards healthy, sustainable, native and organic diets has been consolidating throughout the world. In this context, Iberostar has a real connection with the local communities of 19 countries and takes advantage of these relationships to provide guests with authentic experiences of local food with people and ingredients that create unforgettable memories full of flavor. Therefore, the chefs in chefs of Iberostar kitchens participate and work together with local producers to offer creative, surprising dishes with a cultural imprint behind each one.

In addition, according to a global Nielsen Food Trends report, 35% of the world's population prefers foods made with ingredients of sustainable origin and 33% with organic raw materials. In turn, more than a quarter (26%) said they would like to try local ingredients when traveling to a specific destination. That is why Iberostar also seeks to create fresh and natural recipes, with authentic and seasonal products, without dyes or refined sugars, respecting processing times and with conservation methods that take care of the properties of each food. In this sense, Iberostar proposes menus with:

Less processed or precooked food; 50% more homemade
Only local olive oil from each region
Natural honey for breakfast
Fresh fruit juices in the buffet (replacing vending machines)
Burgers, pizzas, doughs, sauces and broths that are made in the day and in the kitchens of the hotels

These points are especially important in Argentines, who have also turned in recent years towards more conscious eating plans, choosing more natural and organic foods. According to official statistics of the Ministry of Health, in Argentina only 2 servings of fruits or vegetables are consumed of the 5 recommended daily, so the holidays could be an ideal scenario to continue with this process of transformation of the daily diet.

The goal of Iberostar, in short, is to give the traveler much more than a dinner or lunch, but a culinary adventure, which can then become a healthy habit when he returns to his table.


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