The cruise industry keeps its help to Bahamas

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The cruise industry keeps its help to Bahamas
Tue October 15, 2019

"Although we are still lamenting the losses, it is comforting to see the effort of our member lines" commented Michele Paige, president of the FCCA

While the world cries over the destruction of Abacus and Grand Bahama and looks for ways to help the best reconstruction of those destinations, the cruise industry continues to demonstrate its commitment. Just one month after the historic event, the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) - the trade association that represents the mutual interests of the cruise industry and the destinations and stakeholders of the Caribbean and Latin America - and its member lines - -which operate more than 95% of the global capacity of ocean cruises- have already provided and / or raised US $ 8 million in donations, more than 10 million pounds in food and supplies, 20,000 meals a day, hundreds of millions of dollars in accelerated investment plans and hundreds of thousands of dollars of dedicated marketing to inform and spread that most of the Bahamas are open, including 14 of its most visited islands, that guests are receiving every day, and that the best way that consumers can help is by visiting them.

"Although we are still lamenting the losses of all those affected in Abacus and Grand Bahama, it is sobering and comforting to see the enormous effort of our member lines, not only to offer the needed relief, but also in the work for a sustainable recovery alongside the people from those destinations, "says Michele Paige, president of the FCCA. "On behalf of the FCCA, it is an honor to help support the recovery in any way we can and, at present, one of the best things any of us can do is visit the Bahamas, as almost half of its GDP depends of tourism, and spread the message that most of its islands are open and receive visitors every day. "

The FCCA member lines have already donated and / or raised $ 8 million in relief efforts for the Bahamas, and have also launched initiatives to obtain and offer support, which have resulted in more than £ 10 million in food and provisions - which filled more than 250 shipping containers - from Carnival Corporation; 20,000 meals a day, as well as water, medical supplies, generators and a team of employees and volunteers specially trained to assist in logistics, food and drinks, of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd .; 400 pallets of humanitarian aid - along with 300 qualified volunteers and 150 Bahamians - on a single relief mission of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line; MSC Group is using its cargo and cruise resources to help, focusing on the provision of semi-permanent prefabricated modular homes; and Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings are also using their cruise ships to deliver supplies and provide support. *

In addition, the FCCA member lines have sent high-level delegations to work directly in providing the most significant relief and reconstruction for sustainable development, and are also reaffirming and accelerating investment projects for US $ 455 million from Carnival Corporation and RCCL.

The FCCA member lines have also collaborated with the destination to relaunch cruise tourism and reinject its economic benefits as soon as possible, as it is estimated that cruise tourism generated in the Bahamas, during the 2017-2018 cruise season , US $ 405.75 million, in addition to 9,004 jobs with salary income of US $ 155.71 million, and it is estimated that an average cruise scale at the destination represents more than US $ 650,000 in local economic benefits.

The FCCA included the Bahamas in its award-winning and multifaceted marketing campaign "Caribbean Is Open / Caribbean for Everyone", which began in September 2017 after hurricanes Irma and Maria, generated more than 5,770 million impressions and showed an appreciable improvement in cruise reservations to the Caribbean between October 2, 2017 and October 28, 2018.

For initiatives related to the Bahamas, focused on the information and dissemination that most of the Bahamas are open - even 14 of its most visited islands, which are receiving guests every day - and that the best way to help is Visiting them, until October 11, efforts have already generated an audience of 78,656,435 people, 490 media placements, and sponsored content with 13,873 clicks, 17,987 participations and 150,527 video views.


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