Amérian Hotels presented the renovations of Amérian Portal del Iguazú

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Amérian Hotels presented the renovations of Amérian Portal del Iguazú
Wed October 16, 2019

During 2019, the hotel invested $ 16 million betting on the value proposition focused on providing the best experience for its guests


Last Wednesday, October 9, the presentation breakfast of the works and renovations of the 5-star category Amérian Portal del Iguazú hotel was held at Amérian Buenos Aires Park Hotel, aimed at wholesale customers.

Located a few meters from the milestone of the Three Borders with a view to the union of the Iguazú and Paraná rivers, Amérian Portal del Iguazú invested $ 16 million throughout the year to carry out improvement actions for the summer 2020 season. "Our goal is to constantly work to improve the value proposition to our guests, and these investments are key to the pursuit of that goal," said Erica Backer, Hotel Manager.

Regarding services, the “Panambí Rooftop Bar” was opened, an exclusive space, ideal for after office with a unique view of the missionary sunset. The general maintenance works were completed in the main restaurant “La Mision”, which includes a special sound suppressor ceiling to prevent noise from moving to the rooms. The furniture in the central lobby was renovated and a new elevator was installed, counting 3 in total, to improve and expedite the entry of guests.

On the other hand, the breakfast proposal was improved with the incorporation of regional products, a greater variety of homemade breads and new juice options. The products are displayed in trays and glasses made by hotel employees, under the "Vitrofusion Project" program that is in full development.

In addition, maintenance work on the internal and external walls of the hotel was completed, work was carried out on the enhancement of the external pool and the maintenance of the heated pool began. The improvements included the replacement of carpets in corridors and renovation of white, upholstery and faucets in some rooms.

In order to provide excellent service, 40 air conditioning units were installed with Inverter technology, which means greater care for the environment and improvement in soundproofing.

A digital totem was installed in the lobby, as an external communication channel where general information, flights, hotel services information and everything that involves the sustainable management of the establishment are projected, including certifications obtained by the Rainforest Alliance hotel and Hotels More GOLD level greens.

New training for staff was incorporated with the objective of reinforcing the service standard of all its employees. Among them are: Complaint Management, Sustainability, Emergentology, First Aid, Fire and American School. The latter corresponds to the online modules created by the Chain and adapted jointly with specialized psychopedagogues, to provide virtual training that provides the necessary work skills to meet the current demands of the hotel market.

In addition, attendees at this presentation were able to visit the renovations made at Amérian Buenos Aires Park Hotel. As of the Fiscal Incentives Law promoted by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the establishment began the integral remodeling works that involve an approximate investment of $ 11 million. The objective of the work is to improve the quality of the service, through modernization and innovation in design and guest experience.

The first stage, already completed, included complete replacement and modernization of furniture in the lobby, painting and the acquisition of totems at the reception for customer service. In addition, external communication screens were placed that allow the passenger to provide important information about the establishment's service and extra data.

The bar was completely restored, adapting to the latest trends in decoration while maintaining its English pub style. Finally, the hotel breakfast room was redesigned and renovated with the aim of creating a comfortable and modern space for guests to enjoy. The second stage includes private spaces such as offices and dining room for hotel staff.

With the renovations mentioned above, Amérian Hotels continues with its improvement in quality and services to provide its guests with a unique experience during their stay in all their hotels.


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