Temptation Cancun Resort renews its gastronomic offer

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Temptation Cancun Resort renews its gastronomic offer
Fri October 18, 2019

Its flagship restaurant SHE, exclusive for couples, now offers a new seven-course aphrodisiac tasting menu

Created and supervised by the Resort's executive chef, the new menu will provide a unique sensory experience, integrating flavors of sea and land, innovative textures and enveloping aromas that will awaken the senses and imagination, delighting couples with each dish.
This new culinary experience begins with a proposal of sea ingredients with smoked tones, delicately mounted to the delight of the attendees. Citrus will mark the beginning of an atmosphere of intimacy in an interesting proposal that will awaken the palate. The strength of vegetables, in combination with sea and land ingredients, will raise the sensory experience. Next, the senses will become vital in an intense fusion of flavors, combining prawns and brie cheese. As a main course, a select cut of meat or salmon, mounted on an exquisite chef sauce that will give a feeling of strength and intensity to the night. To culminate, couples will enjoy the chef's sweet proposal that will seduce the senses and raise the temperature to frame this unique experience.
Each dish is tasted with a select proposal of Mexican and imported wines that will enhance the flavors and stimulate the senses. All this gastronomic delight is set with a warm play of lights and an attractive performance that will blow the imagination of couples to enjoy an intimate moment.
“SHE represents a unique space, in which new ways of surprising the palate and creating an intimate atmosphere for our visitors are explored, finding in the versatility of food, the key to offering a menu without equal in Mexico,” says Uriel Gutiérrez, Marketing Director of Original Group. "The new menu is characterized by integrating ingredients from different latitudes that, when combined, we can discover the sexy side of food in each bite and with which, we are sure that more visitors will want to enjoy this innovative culinary experience," added Mr. Gutierrez
This innovative proposal is based on identifying and taking advantage of the natural attributes of the selected foods, in which, in addition to stimulating the senses, they offer different benefits for health and intimacy, for example: shellfish and shellfish contain a high level of protein and zinc that increase the sensation of energy, guaranteeing a better performance and sexual impulse. For its part, pineapple and mango are considered the main aphrodisiac fruits because of their high content of minerals, glucose and enzymes. Chocolate contains phenylalanine and theobromine, substances that fight fatigue, stimulate blood circulation and pulmonary ventilation, as well as stimulate the secretion of serotonin that makes it a good ally in moments of intimacy.
SHE is the only restaurant in Mexico that has an aphrodisiac culinary proposal, focused on stimulating the senses in a seductive game of flavors, textures and aromas that provide a unique experience to the visitors of Temptation Cancun Resort, making it an iconic resort restaurant.


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