Embratur meets with EuroAtlantic Airways representatives

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Embratur meets with EuroAtlantic Airways representatives
Mon October 21, 2019

President Gilson Machado Neto met this Monday with the founder of EuroAtlantic Tomaz Metello's Board of Directors at the company's headquarters in Lisbon

During his mission in Portugal, which aims to attract more tourists from that country to Brazil, the president of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), Gilson Machado Neto, met this Monday (21) with the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors. EuroAtlantic Airways, Tomaz Metello, at the company's headquarters in Lisbon. The issue discussed was the increase in air connectivity between the two nations.

According to the president of Embratur, the Portuguese representative showed a lot of interest in flying back to Brazil. Tomaz Metello reported that the airline has even operated Lisbon-Maceió. According to him, "Brazil needs to cut red tape to better attract international companies and, consequently, attract more visitors and resources to the country." “It is important that partnerships be established with other airlines. TAP, for example, uses EuroAtlantic Airways aircraft to operate Lisbon-Caracas twice a week, ”said President Tomaz Metello.

Gilson Machado Neto informed the founder of the company that the Maceió airport has undergone a reclassification and will receive larger planes from more distant countries. “One of the main things we have been doing, after assuming the Embratur Presidency, is to talk with representatives of national and international companies to increase air flow to Brazil. The change of category of the Zumbi dos Palmares airport, in Alagoas, was also in the negotiations we had in the state, ”said the president.

To Tomaz Metello, EuroAtlantic can help improve aircraft traffic in Brazil. "It is enough that the regulator responsible for civil aviation authorizes national airlines to seek extra capacity with our company," he said. He also suggested that there is a temporal legislation in Brazil “for opening up the hiring of companies from abroad, for a period of time (6 months, for example)”. The representative of the company stated that this is one of the possibilities to solve the lack of aircraft in Brazil.

Also during the meeting, which was also attended by Eugenio Fernandes, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of EuroAtlantic Airways, and the director of Marketing of Embratur, Osvaldo Matos, the president of the Institute presented the new actions developed to attract more tourists. to Brazil. One of the highlights praised by airline representatives was visa-free travel for Australians, Canadians, Americans and Japanese. "The idea of ​​issuing visas is a fantastic move by the Brazilian government, as it removes barriers to the movement of tourists around the world," said Tomaz Metello.


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