Sustainable travel, an irreversible trend

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Sustainable travel, an irreversible trend
Tue October 22, 2019

A study reveals that 38% of travelers plan to make an effort to choose a destination that contributes to the local economy of a community and is recovering from a natural catastrophe

As we approach 2020, the importance of traveling in a sustainable way is an increasingly recurring theme. A new study has revealed that next year travelers will adopt a more comprehensive view on sustainable travel. 38% of travelers plan to make a conscious effort to choose a destination where they can not only see something wonderful, but also contribute to the local economy of a community that is still recovering from a natural catastrophe, so this type Tourism will be in the minds of many.

69% of travelers said they were willing to accept some degree of discomfort, such as a longer journey or the closure of some tourist sites, if they knew that with their visit they contribute to the reconstruction efforts. The moment you choose to visit a destination is important. Travelers should be informed of the Government's travel recommendations and only make travel plans if it is a safe option.

With the change of the year there is also a change in the field of sustainable travel, which gradually ceases to be an option to become the norm, which in turn multiplies the possibilities for any traveler to do something to help, regardless of Where you are According to travelers, some of the ways to avoid leaving a mark are:

-Design an itinerary that does not include any of the most tourist places: 69%
-Find accommodation outside the city center: 60%
-Find less known tourist attractions, to avoid crowds: 64%
-Change your initial choice of destination for another less known, but similar, in the same country: 61%


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