Embratur goes to Pernambuco to assess impacts of oil slick on the coast

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Embratur goes to Pernambuco to assess impacts of oil slick on the coast
Fri October 25, 2019

The director and deputy president of the municipality, Carlos Alberto Brito, is part of the federal government's entourage that will outline containment strategies

The Brazilian Institute of Tourism is part of the delegation that is in Pernambuco to evaluate points hit by oil of unknown origin. Alongside the Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, Embratur's Director of Internal Management and substitute president, Carlos Alberto Gomes de Brito, is on Friday (25) in Porto de Galinhas to visit the main points affected by the environmental disaster. He represents President Gilson Machado Neto in the technical visit. Gilson is on a mission in Asia with President Jair Bolsonaro, who monitors and follows the action.
According to Carlos Alberto, the federal government is taking all steps to contain oil spills in the Northeast. “President Jair Bolsonaro is committed to investigating the causes and those responsible for the oil slicks that have hit the northeastern coast in recent weeks. Along with the agencies responsible for surveillance, cleaning and investigation, there is honorable work by local people. We hope that with an integrated work we will contain this disaster and Brazilian tourism will not be harmed, ”said Embratur's substitute president.
Since September 2, the Monitoring and Evaluation Group, formed by the Navy, Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, Chico Mendes Institute of Conservation of Biodiversity (ICMBio) and National Petroleum Agency (ANP), works uninterruptedly to contain the damage caused by the oil spill on the region's coast.
The purpose of the meeting is also to hear about the impacts caused and articulate strategies and actions that can minimize the occurrence. The meeting takes place between representatives of the federal government and local trade.

“We make sure that the work to remove oil from the beaches is being done and flowing very well. From the outset, the federal government is committed to monitoring, monitoring, locating and removing oil slicks from the northeastern coast. For this, national and foreign satellite identification systems have been used, in addition to vessels, daily helicopter overflights of the Ibama, the Air Force, the Navy, along with radar aircraft, ”said Carlos Alberto.

Promotion work
Embratur, which is currently represented in Asian countries, through the president of the Institute, Gilson Machado Neto, and the director of Marketing and Public Relations, Osvaldo Matos, and the director of Competitive Intelligence and Tourism Promotion, Katja Becker, who is in London to participate in WTM, one of the largest tourism fairs in the world, is committed to strengthening tourism in the Northeast tourist destinations. The Institute has taken qualified information about the beauty of the northeastern beaches and the effort to preserve them. The actions are being carried out with the tourist trade and the international press.

Embratur's president, Gilson Machado Neto, guarantees that the Brazilian government is committed to the investigation of this tragedy that affects the northeastern coast. According to him, the military is acting daily to mitigate the effects of spilled oil.

“More than 70% of the Northeast population lives within 100km of the coast. Our beaches are one of our greatest assets as a nation dedicated to eco tourism. We have the second largest barrier reef in the world in this region. We will not relax in the cleanliness of the coast, especially in tourist and denser population areas. I want to thank everyone who is voluntarily engaged in this cleanup effort, public and private sectors and the general population. Our Brazil is one. Together we will overcome this challenge, ”he says.


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