The 16th ALTA Airline Leaders Forum began in Brasilia

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The 16th ALTA Airline Leaders Forum began in Brasilia
Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA
Mon October 28, 2019

Government representatives, civil aviation authorities and the highest executives of the airline industry meet until October 29 in the Brazilian capital

The 16th edition of the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum, considered the largest event of commercial aviation leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean, began this Sunday (27/10) at the Convention and Events Center Brazil 21. The ALTA Forum will gather up to next Tuesday (29/10) to the highest executives of the airline industry, government representatives, civil aviation authorities and industry associations with the aim of developing a broad dialogue on the competitiveness of the industry in the current scenario.
The event is a realization of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), which officially began today with a press conference for local and international media. The Executive Director & CEO of ALTA, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, highlighted during the meeting with the press the importance of the forum for the approach of the sector, as well as the main challenges of the countries of the region and the issues that will be discussed during the ALTA AIRLINE LEADERS FORUM to increase aviation competitiveness.
De Oliveira said: “Aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean currently represents 8% of global aviation. Each plane that takes off generates more sales for aircraft manufacturers, more revenue for governments and airports, more services and parts, more jobs. For each direct employment generated by the airline industry, additional indirect jobs are created by its catalytic effect. The industry is investing heavily in more modern airplanes and today the region has one of the most modern fleets in the world that consume less fuel, thus reducing our carbon footprint. In the next few days we will have important discussions to identify and define the actions necessary to improve the competitiveness of the industry and the region, achieve the expected growth in a way that respects the environment and generate more benefits for the region and populations served. ”
The President of the Executive Committee of ALTA and President of Copa Airlines, Pedro Heilbron, commented that "the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum is the most important event of the year for ALTA and we chose Brazil because of the importance of the Brazilian market for the world."
President of the Brazilian Association of Air Companies (ABEAR) cited four major aviation challenges. For Eduardo Sanovicz, "the mother of all battles is the cost of aviation kerosene, which represents a third of the cost of the operation." He cited the reduction of the state tax (ICMS) on fuel in the state of São Paulo, which resulted in an initial commitment by the airlines to offer 490 new flights. "There, we closed the month of September with 491 new weekly departures in operation and a total of 648 flights announced," he said. The tax model and the regulatory environment also appeared on Sanovicz's list as priority issues for Brazilian aviation, as well as the Brazilian airport infrastructure renovation program. "For the future, we see an agenda in Brazil that continues with the same intensity. The importance of an event like this for Latin America and the Caribbean is to create a space for the integration of relevant agendas such as the regulatory environment and airspace control in the region, "he concluded.
The National Secretary of Civil Aviation of Brazil, Ronei Glanzmann, stressed that the fact that the event takes place in Brasilia is very symbolic and is the result of an alliance between the government and ALTA. He commented that the federal government has the objective and the duty to make Brazil's aviation sector play its leading role in the Latin American market. “We are doing housework and taking important steps in that regard. One of them was the opening of the market to foreign capital. By 2025, we want to reach 200 million passengers, ”he said. Glanzmann also mentioned the agreements with the countries of the region and the objective of reaching 200 cities served by regular air transport. ”
Official opening
The official opening ceremony of the event will take place on Monday (28/10), starting at 9 am (local time Brasilia (GMT-3). On behalf of the Brazilian government, the President President of ANAC will participate in the official inauguration, José Ricardo Botelho, and the Minister of Infrastructure of Brazil, Tarcísio Freitas.


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