Embratur negotiates increased flights between Qatar and Brazil

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Embratur negotiates increased flights between Qatar and Brazil
Wed October 30, 2019

President Gilson Machado Neto underscores cooperation between countries as important for tourism. He suggested to Qatar Airways an increase in flights between countries


The Brazilian government and Qatar signed, yesterday (29), bilateral agreement to remove the need for entry visa for tourists in the countries. The measure, which will be valid for up to 60 days, will focus on tourism and business travel, and was signed by President Jair Bolsonaro and Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani. The president of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), Gilson Machado Neto, attended the ceremony and stressed the importance of the agreement.
“Another step for our country to the international tourist. We have already started talking with Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker to increase the flow of international flights between countries, ”said Gilson.
Qatar has 2.6 million inhabitants and is the second to last country to be visited by the entourage of the Planalto Palace from the east. Bolsonaro has been to Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates. For Gilson, the agenda has been positive for tourism: “There are two visa-free announcements (China and Qatar) and the opening of dialogues with various governments. President Bolsonaro fulfills his word of placing tourism as a priority in his government, ”said the Embratur representative.
“In light of this news, we have already begun our talks with Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker so that the company can increase flights connecting our countries, and suggest that the company, which already owns about 10% of LATAM, can expand its presence in Brazil, connecting even more our tourists, ”said the president of Embratur, Gilson Machado Neto.

Middle East Agenda
Still on a technical visit to the Middle East, Gilson Machado Neto spoke on Sunday (27) to an audience of 111 businessmen at the St. Regis hotel in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. President Jair Bolsonaro reinforced the perspective of infrastructure investments, particularly in the Infrastructure Partnership Program (PPI) projects. During his speech, the president of Embratur presented attractions, destinations and the international promotion of Brazilian tourism developed by the municipality, and highlighted the importance of the sector for the development of Brazil's economy.
“For the first time, we have a president who recognizes and knows the leading role of the tourism industry for the economic recovery of our country. President Jair Bolsonaro opened the doors of Brazil for new investments. In the Tourism sector, among many measures already achieved, it has opened for foreign airlines, applied visa-free travel to strategic countries and is making Ecotourism increasingly attractive to international tourists, ”said the Embratur president.
The entourage led by President Jair Bolsonaro was also in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it was hosted by the country's crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. Bolsonaro's objective is to attract investors, particularly to the Investment Partnership Program's grant and privatization projects. Countries in this region are owners of large sovereign wealth funds seeking opportunities in emerging countries.


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