Sheraton Buenos Aires, the first hotel in the city with Eco - charge

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Sheraton Buenos Aires, the first hotel in the city with Eco - charge
Wed November 06, 2019

The luxurious property adds another ecofriendly initiative with charging stations for electric cars

In a globalized and hypercompetitive world, with more and more informed consumers who demand ethics and sustainable management, Sheraton Buenos Aires realizes these demands and joins again the group of companies that have a fundamental role in favor of the conservation and maintenance of environment. In this way, it encourages the use of “green” cars by adapting their spaces with the installation of two Chargebox charging stations, for electric vehicles, one of the main infrastructures that these cars require in order to become mass use.

Five (4) Chargebox Business Line chargers were installed. One (1), located in the garage in front of the main access, next to the garage for the disabled. And three (3) in the hotel garage. The unit consumption at full load of the equipment is 16 Amps per phase and is fed by a three-phase connection. It should be noted that the entire installation complies with the guidelines and recommendations of the Argentine Electrotechnical Association and its “Regulations for the execution of electrical installations in buildings”.

Sheraton Buenos Aires provides this new service for its guests and parking users. To identify the places for charging electric cars, the parking space for the green function was painted and the electric car symbol was included.

The average battery recharge time is 2 hours, although it will also depend on other factors, such as its condition, that of the car along with its specifications, among others.

Sheraton Buenos Aires is the first hotel in the city to provide its customers with the service of charging electric cars, which in turn indirectly contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Chargebox net is the first independent charging network for electric vehicles concentrating chargers in strategic locations that adapt to the user's routine.

The International Energy Agency remarked, in its 2017 Global EV Outlook report, that the global park of this type of cars will increase by two million units by 2023.


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