The number of international passengers of of Interjet grew by 31% in October

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The number of international passengers of of Interjet grew by 31% in October
Thu November 07, 2019

The Mexican low cost airline mobilized 389 thousand 858 travelers on its international routes

During October 2019, Interjet mobilized 389,858 travelers on its international routes, which represented an increase of 31 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. This breakthrough was driven by the opening of new routes, attractive rates and a 20 percent expansion in its offer of seats.

The strong increase in its network of international routes and a stable performance in domestic ones, allowed the total passenger traffic of the airline to grow 5 percent in October of this year, compared to the same month of 2018, after serving 1 million 226 thousand 363 people.

The occupation factor, including domestic and foreign operations, stood at 84 percent, which implied an increase of 4 percentage points compared to the tenth month of the previous year. This behavior was the result of the combination of a 14 percent increase in total demand in terms of available passenger-kilometers, and an 8 percent increase in the supply of available seat-kilometers.

From January to October 2019, the company transported a total of 12 million 495 thousand 904 travelers, that is, 9 percent more than the first ten months of the previous year.

Julio Gamero, Commercial Executive Director of Interjet, recalled that the airline recently announced the renewal of its commercial strategy, which expects an increase of more than 40 percent of connections with its own route network, while facilitating the tourist, commercial and business exchange between the different destinations it serves.

Interjet is distinguished by being a company that provides a high travel experience, with a unique set of services that provides travelers with the perfect balance between cost and benefit; Such is the case of its policy of non-overselling, enjoying the greater space between seats of its category in the Americas, snacks and drinks at no cost, as well as the possibility of documenting up to 50 kilograms of luggage at Priority rate, among others.


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