Embratur wins Best Booth Business Award at WTM

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Embratur wins Best Booth Business Award at WTM
Thu November 07, 2019

Awards recognize best companies and institutions in the sector during the show in London

Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) closes the schedule of fair participation in the second half with a golden key. In London, the Institute received the award for “Best Booth for Doing Business”. The recognition was during the participation in WTM, one of the largest tourism fairs in the world.

“It shows that we are on the right track. The new format of the booth, the new visual programming and the actions developed by this management were ways to attract the fair's audience. The Brazilian space was very popular, the attractions and trade were well received and the Brazilian tourism, in fact, has visibility in the international market. We were very happy with the choice. The improvement of the environment for business tourism is one of the new faces that we are exploring in the current management ”, celebrated Embratur's president, Gilson Machado Neto, who attended the fair.

The Brazilian booth, which was attended by 38 co-exhibitors, among destinations and trade companies in Brazil, received a new visual program. According to President Gilson Machado Neto, the flag in the space was one of the attractions of the visitors.

“We want to bring to the world our patriotism and our sense of Brazilianness to the international public. Embratur's space at the fair has generated a lot of curiosity, people are interested in learning more about Brazil and the work being done by the Brazilian government, especially on visa waiver and other opening up of the country. This is the time for tourism and we have to take advantage and make the necessary changes for the development of Brazil, ”said Gilson.

Embratur's Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence, Katja Becker, who received the award along with the staff of the Arthur Grimaldi and Veruska Xavier Institute, stressed: bring more and more international tourists to the country. This award recognizes the excellence of our work and the effort we have made to restore the world's trust in Brazil, ”said Katja.

The other awards went to: Moscow, for best design; Cape Town, new booth; Indonesia, best presentation, and Mews Systems, the London software company, as best booth.


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