Hotel occupancy in Colombia continues to increase

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Hotel occupancy in Colombia continues to increase
Thu November 07, 2019

According to the hotel indicators report issued by Cotelco, hotel occupancy during September was 59.10%

During the year, from January to September, the accumulated is 56.17%, 1.1 percentage points more than in the same period of 2018 and exceeds by 70 basis points the projection that the guild had proposed for 2019.
For Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez, the national executive president of Cotelco, “the employment figures and other indicators, such as job creation, the number of formal service providers and investment, reflect the good dynamism of tourism and hospitality in Colombia, without a doubt, a result of different factors that range from the implementation of domestic tourism promotion strategies, developed by the National Government through the #YoVoy campaign, in addition to international promotion efforts through Procolombia ”.
According to the Hotel Information System of Cotelco, as a result of the exemption of the income tax enacted in the tax reform of 2002, in the country about 55,000 rooms have been built and remodeled more than 25,000, with an investment close to 8 billions of pesos, which has allowed improving the country's hotel infrastructure and preparing destinations for tourism that is on the rise.
“The National Government has been promoting tourism as a high impact sector for the generation of economic and social development; From the private sector we are convinced that this industry is an important generator of employment and income, especially with the cultural and natural potential that exists in our territory. Tourism and hospitality are moving forward in the growth forecasts for the fourth quarter of the year and for 2020, ”said President Gustavo Toro.
The regions
In September, San Andrés was ranked as the destination with the highest occupancy, closing at a level of 72.71% and a growth of 2.23 percentage points, followed by Antioquia in second place, with an occupation of 67.77% and a growth of 1.43 percentage points. In third place was the city of Bogotá D.C, with 67.69% in the occupation indicator and an increase of 4.36 percentage points, mainly explained by the strengthening of the corporate segment.
Atlántico, with 63.84% occupancy and growth of 9.60 percentage points, Barrancabermeja that closed September with 57.99% occupancy and an increase of 22.7 percentage points and Norte de Santander with 56.82% in its occupancy level and growth of 10.51 percentage points, are three destinations highlighted in the report published by Cotelco.
Other regions with growth in the measurement period were: Casanare (+10.11 pp), Cesar (+9.80 pp), Santander (+5.13 pp), Nariño (+4.18 pp), Meta (+3.56 pp), Valle del Cauca ( +2.76 pp), Tolima and Alto Magdalena (1.48 pp), Quindío (+1.20 pp) and Magdalena (+0.88 pp).
However, in some regions there was a decrease in employment, thus, Caldas fell by 11.18 percentage points, Cartagena fell by 9.12 percentage points, Boyacá decreased by 7.98 percentage points. Huila and Risaralda also fell in their occupancy level by 4.77 and 2.48 percentage points, respectively.
In relation to other sector performance indicators, the report published by Cotelco reports that the average real rate increased by 1.9%. On the other hand, with the highest occupancy achieved, the real income of the hotels increased by 7.6% in the reference month, in the same way, the profitability of the sector measured through the RevPar increased by 7.5%.


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