Iberostar Recognized for Boosting Responsible Tourism

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Iberostar Recognized for Boosting Responsible Tourism
Sabina Fluxá, Iberostar
Mon November 11, 2019

In WTM, the company has received the prestigious awards that evaluate the work performed by the Wave Of Change movement

In the framework of the 2019 London World Travel Market, the Iberostar Group has been awarded the highest prize awarded at the International Travel & Tourism Awards, in the category of 'Outstanding Contribution To The Travel & Tourism Industry'; as the prestigious World Responsible Tourism Award 2019 in the Best for Reducing Plastic Waste category.

Both awards have praised the efforts of the company for boosting more responsible tourism and for preserving the environment and the surrounding ocean of the 120 hotels that the Group has in 19 countries. In concrete terms, the awards have made the most of the momentum of movement Wave Of Change that the company has been pushing since 2017, and which is based on three pillars of action: the elimination of plastics from the use and advancement of a circular economy, responsible consumption of fish and the improvement of it. coastal health.

In both galas, to which more than 500 professionals of the tourism sector, have reconnected proposals of companies, destinations or entrepreneurial initiatives that are distinguished by their innovation, their human interest or their sustainability. The International Travel & Tourism Awards are a referent in the tourism industry. Recognizing excellence in business management and enabling all organizations, large and small, as individual initiatives, to put value on their good practices. With this award, Iberostar Group has obtained an official reconnaissance as innovators in the industry.

For their part, the World Responsible Tourism Awards recognize the practices and initiatives of responsible tourism that inspire others and are replicable throughout the industry. Its purpose is to show great examples of responsible tourism in practice so that they can be used to inspire others, such as Wave Of Change inviting their clients, employees, suppliers and partners to be part of the solution.

In the words of Sabina Fluxá, Vice President and CEO of the Iberostar Group, “these re-acknowledgments provide an incentive for our path to contribute to the definition of a more responsible tourism model. We are very proud of the evolution of our Wave Of Change movement; You can't develop a business work today and have no purpose and value. It is important that companies find their way into their business, and share it with their customers and stakeholders”.


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