Air France-KLM and Accor announce a new and improved loyalty program

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Air France-KLM and Accor announce a new and improved loyalty program
Tue November 12, 2019

Members of the loyalty programs of the airlines and the hotel chain can earn points and miles simultaneously

This system allows customers to simultaneously earn Flying Blue Miles and Points Rewards from Le Club Accor Hotels each time they travel on a flight marketed and operated by Air France or KLM, or stay at an Accor hotel.

In order to enjoy the Miles + Points service, members must link their accounts on the Flying Blue or Le Club Accor Hotels website. After registering, customers will automatically earn Flying Club Miles and Points Rewards from Le Club Accor Hotels by flying with Air France and / or KLM, or by staying at a hotel participating in the Accor loyalty program.

This new and strengthened collaboration offers customers more opportunities to earn and redeem Miles and Points. It allows both the Air France-KLM group and the Accor group to reward their members in more stages of the trip. "Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers," said Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM. "Offering our customers new opportunities to accumulate and use Flying Blue Miles has been a key factor in the conception of the Miles + Points program and we are delighted to have been able to do so in collaboration with our partner Accor for the benefit of our customers in common. We want Flying Blue to become the best loyalty program in the airline sector, enriching it at all stages of the journey our clients".

For his part, Sébastien Bazin, president and CEO of Accor, said: "The collaboration between Air France-KLM and Accor has been reinforced for the benefit of our most loyal members. It brings together two extraordinary figures of world tourism and renews loyalty codes The radical transformation of the Accor lifestyle loyalty program, represented by the ALL (Accor Live Limitless) brand, will give life to our “enhanced hospitality” strategy, it will expand beyond the hotel market, to be present in the daily life of our partners. This important alliance will contribute to fulfill this promise taking advantage of the international presence of both groups. "


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