Technology can improve the booking experience

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Technology can improve the booking experience
Wed November 13, 2019

According to an Expedia study, travelers value more an easier or frictionless online booking experience

Technology can improve travel experiences by reducing weaknesses and stressors throughout it. Today, Expedia Group and the Magid business strategy firm published Online Travel Friction Index, which shows that travelers want suppliers to offer a seamless travel experience, making it easier and allowing them to quickly and effectively handle any challenge to throughout your travels The research is aligned with the priority focus of the Expedia Group to unleash the power of its platform to develop solutions for travelers and partners that can help break down barriers to travel, making it easier, more enjoyable, accessible; By doing this, ultimately, Expedia Group seeks to make the world available to billions of people around the globe.

What is a frictionless travel experience?
Eliminating travel friction requires a deep understanding of the client's weaknesses. The Innovation Group of Expedia Group continuously evaluates new products, taking advantage of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, eye tracking technology and face reader, to understand the approach of travelers on a website and the emotions they experience when booking a trip.

These tests recently discovered the attributes that travelers value most and that provide an easier or frictionless online booking experience. Friction reduction occurs through the creation of extensive research of the user experience from start to finish, highly coordinated processes, continuous product development and customer and partner-centered attention.

The Online Travel Friction Index research identified key factors that reduce passenger friction through a "friction reduction index"; a weighted average numerical score with more than 15 experience attributes that almost 850 online travel users, aged between 18 and 55, used to rate their experiences related to the search, purchase and reservation of travel products on various websites of travels. The results identified the five friction reduction attributes with the greatest impact:

An easily navigable booking website.
The inventory as the best value.
Ability to filter and classify a specific room type.
Option to redeem special offers.
Ability to quickly filter and sort specific criteria about the hotel's location.

In 2018, Expedia Group invested more than 1.6 billion dollars in technology with the aim of making its platform perfect for both travelers and partners. The enormous efforts and investments of Expedia Group in research and development during this decade have resulted in significant benefits for travelers and partners, including the reduction of distribution costs.


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