Passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean grew 3.3% in September

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Passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean grew 3.3% in September
Wed November 13, 2019

According to ALTA, the region's airlines transported 24.8 million people

During the month of September, Latin American and Caribbean airlines transported 24.8 million passengers, reaching a growth of 3.3% compared to September 2018 and an accumulated of 10.5 million additional passengers transported in the first 9 months of the year with respect to to the same period 2018.
Domestic markets in the region boosted total passenger growth in September: Mexico's secondary airports showed an interesting growth that contributed to a 7.3% increase in domestic passenger traffic. Chile and Colombia grew 2 digits, 15.4% and 15.6% respectively, while Argentina grew 6%.
The Brazilian market continues its recovery and in September the capacity of domestic seats grew 2% vs. Sep. 2018, there were 10 pairs of additional domestic cities vs. Sept 2018 and an important growth in the number of flights operated in the Congonhas - Rio Galeão (342%) and Rio Galeão - Belo Horizonte (216%) segments.
International markets showed declines compared to September 2018, a reduction in seats and flights operated.

The market to and from North America was the most affected with four major markets presenting a significant decrease in seating capacity: Mexico-USA minus 2.1%, Panama-USA minus 8.4%, Brazil-USA minus 6.9% and Colombia-USA minus 4.9% .

In international intra-regional traffic it showed a decrease of 1%, mainly affected by markets that showed a decrease in the number of flights operated: Argentina-Brazil minus 12%, Argentina-Chile minus 18.6%, Brazil-Chile minus 9.6%, Argentina-Peru minus 22.9% and Colombia-Ecuador minus 14.2%.

September was an extremely challenging month for the region in socioeconomic terms and this was reflected in air traffic. However, the industry remains resilient, offering more and more people the opportunity to use air transport.


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