The arrival of Argentines to San Pablo to see F1 grows

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The arrival of Argentines to San Pablo to see F1 grows
Thu November 14, 2019

According to Amadeus, reserves increased by 24.8%. The Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held on November 17

The city of Sao Paulo is preparing for one of the main events on its calendar: the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, which will take place on November 17. According to Amadeus' BIG DATA tool for tourist destinations, Destination Insight, Sao Paulo has experienced strong growth in air reservations for the state capital in the week of the event. In addition to visitors from other states of the country, which constitute the majority that visit the city to see the race, there are two Latin American countries that also represent a great growth in air reservations to Sao Paulo in the week of 11 to 18 November, compared to the figures for the same period last year.

The analysis of national air reserves shows a 37.5% increase in emissions. As the 2018 race took place on November 11, a week before the stipulated date for this year, the growth may be associated with the reservations of motoring fans and people directly or indirectly involved in the organization of the race.

In the same period, Argentines increased their reserves for the state capital by 24.8% between November 11 and 18, compared to the same period last year. While Chileans recorded even greater growth: 36.6%.

“The Brazilian Grand Prix has always been a catalyst for leisure and business tourism in the city of Sao Paulo and these data show that this remains a reality. It is the duty of destiny to work well to amplify this growth and thus bring even more income to the city, ”said Amadeus commercial director for South America, Paulo Rezende.

 “In an increasingly competitive world, in which each city competes for visitors with each other, it is essential that destinations have sufficient tools to anticipate trends and prepare tourist products that increase the interest of visitors in their attractions in the short, medium and long term, "Paulo added.

Argentina also hosted the Formula One GP, the last edition in this country was in 1998. Juan Manuel Fangio was also born in this country, the third largest driver in the World Championship with five achievements. In front of him are only the German Michael Schumacher (7) and the Englishman Lewis Hamilton (6). To date, Chile has never hosted F-1 races.


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