The Fives Hotels & Residences celebrates its tenth anniversary

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The Fives Hotels & Residences celebrates its tenth anniversary
Mon November 18, 2019

To know the details of this important achievement, we interview Joaquín Serna, CEO of TM Real Estate Group

How was The Fives Hotels & Residences born?
The Fives Hotels & Residences is a subsidiary of TM Real Estate Group, the largest private real estate developer in Spain and one of the most reliable brands in Europe in the tourist residence market.
When we decided to develop the project, we thought about generating spaces that would invite us to create unforgettable memories for all our clients, where it was possible to live a complete sensory experience, that would allow us to know new places, relax, enjoy, be surprised, have fun and get excited, with a service of excellence and constant innovation, generating memories that always go back to a great adventure.
With The Fives we seek to create a unique experience that awakens each of the five senses under the concept of “All Senses Inclusive.” We conquer the taste with internationally renowned chefs and expert mixologists, willing to thrill any palate with exquisite dishes and drinks that activate the Taste buds that promise unique culinary flavors. DeWakening the smell with natural aromas emitted by trees, plants, flowers and the sea breeze. To estimate the view, we use a well-defined aesthetic, full of beauty, luxury and good taste, generating positive emotions within spaces designed to fall in love at first sight. Harmonious textures and designs, as well as landscapes full of nature generate feelings of well-being and belonging.
In each property we offer a delicate selection of ambient music to delight your ears and complement the sensory experience, achieving a perfect balance between tranquility and comfort. Natural sounds like the song of the birds in the morning, the breaking of the waves or the wind moving the leaves of the trees, have their charm and liven up the atmosphere.

What markets do they target with the different hotels?
In The Fives, we target luxury families, romantic couples and weddings.

What kind of services do you offer in each one?
Embracing the white-sand coast of the Caribbean Sea, The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences offers a luxurious holiday retreat in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. With its elegant and modern architecture on the edge of the sea and the authentic Yucatecan spirit, the hotel is perfect for family vacations, romantic vacations, weddings and honeymoons in Playa del Carmen. Guests can delight their senses and enjoy serenity in luxury rooms and suites with one, two or three rooms or spectacular Penthouse Sky Suites with butler. Amenities include 15 unique dining restaurants, seven swimming pools, a spa and a gym. This year The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences celebrates 10 years of operation in Rivera Maya, Mexico.
The luxury hotel brings a touch of glamor to the Riviera Maya, The Fives Downtown Hotel & Residences takes you beyond expectations, offering an authentic and contemporary retreat for travelers to experience the magic of Playa del Carmen. Located between the city and the impressive Caribbean coast, the five-star resort is a short walk from the best restaurants, bars and boutiques on Fifth Avenue. Guests can enjoy the perfect balance of city and beach while exploring the treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula, such as the sacred Mayan ruins or the exciting ecological theme parks.
The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos: The luxurious, beautifully designed hotel will feature 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites with residential style and elegant Mexican decor. Guests can rest on the beaches where the hotel's private Beach Club will be, with cabins and sun loungers overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The hotel will feature an outdoor infinity pool and restaurants overlooking the beach.
Visitors can explore the charming fishing village of Puerto Morelos, the best kept secret in the Riviera Maya. The serene stretch of the Caribbean coast has pristine beaches, cenotes and the best places for snorkeling and fishing in the Riviera Maya.

After these years of operations, what has been the evolution of the company?
Ten years ago, The Fives was not only new in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, but also in the hotel industry. Throughout these 10 years, we have acquired great knowledge about the industry, and specifically about what travelers are looking for in a vacation at a large resort. We have learned that customers want to be stimulated, surprised and delighted. Thanks to this knowledge, we have developed the concept of sensory hospitality, which we have launched as All Senses Inclusive. Under our unique All Senses Inclusive concept, the portfolio of the one, two and three bedroom resort brand goes beyond traditional lifestyle brands, offering authentic local experiences that awaken the five senses. Each year, we have added more sensory improvements, which has been part of the company's evolution as we grow in the collection of three resort properties.

What kind of benefits or added values ​​do you offer for trade, MICE and wedding?
TRADE: we offer some of the best loyalty programs with the best incentives called FIVE Asset (All Senses Specialist in Experiential Travel). The program will be launched in December and will include the following:
21% commission through tour operators,
$ 500 bonus for every five FIT bookings of five nights or more
$ 250 bonus for each group reservation of 10 rooms or more (minimum 5 nights per room).
Special welcome amenity for the client with a personalized agent note, with no annual limit.
A category upgrade or a free back massage certificate on each reservation, with no annual limit.
One free night or two free day passes for your personal use, for each FIT reservation of 5 or more nights reserved for your customers.
Also the opportunity to win stays with us.
All details, including terms and conditions, will be published in the coming weeks.

MICE: Unique rooms and locations with the highest technology
WEDDING: 11 spectacular locations for weddings for example: locations in the sky (Sky Wedding - Terrace) sea (Pier) and land (Amazing gardens) with Live feed (Streaming) - Signature Wedding planners (press release, HERE).

In such a competitive market, how do you work in the promotion of hotels to gain market?
At The Fives we focus on training our business partners, such as travel agencies, that can effectively explain the difference and added values ​​that our hotels offer with respect to the rest. We also make strong marketing investments with specialized agencies.

What is your human resources policy to guarantee the quality of service?
Our policy of human resources to guarantee the quality of the service is to promote in all our collaborators the culture of service The Fives, through which they identify and integrate with it and reaffirm the commitment to generate exceptional experiences to all our guests, customers and suppliers.
We consider our employees as a strategic asset and in accordance with those set out in our mission, vision and values, we take care of them and offer a good working environment, promoting their development, training and promoting equal opportunities and equal treatment.

What are the projects that the chain has in portfolio for the short and medium term?
In the short term we plan on the launch of our All Senses Inclusive experience concept as well as the launch of our ASSET agent program. The program will be launched in December, including the details mentioned above.
In the medium term we have the opening of our 3rd. development, The Fives Oceanfront - Puerto Morelos.
Up to this point, the Puerto Morelos area has seen the development of low-budget accommodations, or large mega-resorts with standard hotel rooms. There are almost no all-inclusive luxury properties in the area, except one, and none in the town of Puerto Morelos. The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos will present our luxurious rooms and the All Senses Inclusive concept in a hyperlocal environment that will allow guests to live the experience of a quiet fishing village, without giving up all the comforts for which our properties are known.



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