Globalia and Barceló sign the merger of their issuing divisions

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Globalia and Barceló sign the merger of their issuing divisions
Mon November 25, 2019

Ávoris and the issuing division of the Globalia Group composed of Travelplan, Halcón Viajes, Welcome among other brands, merge

Today, the merger of the issuing divisions of Globalia and the Barceló Group has been signed

The negotiations of the operation have been led directly by Javier Hidalgo and Simón Pedro Barceló, who understood that this agreement was highly positive for both entities.

The resulting group, both by size and by presence in all branches of tourism activity, was born in a position to lead outbound tourism in Spain and with all the possibilities to face the future challenges facing the sector.

In the resulting group's business model, customer orientation, digitalization and innovation will continue to be key factors.

The new group was born with an annual turnover of 4,000 million euros, has a workforce of more than 6,000 employees and more than 1,500 points of sale and, through its 36 brands, will have a key presence both in the manufacture of product to through its different tour operator brands, as well as in the distribution to the final customer both in person and online. The Evelop airline that currently has a fleet of seven aircraft is also within the perimeter of the operation.

The new company considers this agreement as a starting point to continue growing, developing and internationalizing the business project.

In the words of Javier Hidalgo and Simón Pedro Barceló “We are very excited about this agreement that involves the creation of a leading group, as we understand it was one of the pending subjects of Spanish outbound tourism. The merger also involves the integration of two large companies that provide a long and successful career in the tourism sector. And, above all, they provide a formidable team of professionals, with an unquestionable knowledge and passion for the world of travel. ”

This operation is subject to approval by the authorities of the National Competition Commission (CNC).


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