The NeoWorkshop Federal has been held in Salta

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The NeoWorkshop Federal has been held in Salta
Mon November 25, 2019

The tourist marketing meeting has aimed to expand and strengthen the service offer of the activity in Argentina

The Federation of Tourism Chambers of the Argentine Republic (Fedecatur) and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism organized in the province of Salta a new edition of the Federal NeoWorkshop, the tourist marketing meeting that aims to expand and strengthen the service offer of the Activity in Argentina

On this occasion almost a hundred providers and tourism sales companies and about fifty operators (buyers) from all over the country, gathered at the Salta Convention Center. In addition, the Federal NeoWorkshop brought together provincial tourism officials and business executives from across the country. It was attended by the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation, Gustavo Santos; the Secretary of Tourism Development and Promotion, Alejandro Lastra; and the Undersecretary of Promotion of the Sectur, Fernando García Soria, among other representatives of the Secretariat.

The president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, Aldo Elías headed the delegation of the private sector together with the president of the Fedecatur, Héctor Viñuales. The presidents of Faevyt, Gustavo Hani and AOCA, Fernando Gorbarán also participated in the meeting. In addition, this initiative was accompanied by the secretary of the CAT, Marcelo García; the Secretary of Institutional Relations, Horacio Reppucci; and the president of the Chamber of Tourism of Salta, Carlos Eckhardt, who hosted this meeting.

The agenda began in the morning, with presentations of different experiences offered by gastronomy and wine tourism companies in the North region, active tourism, natural and rural tourism ventures; and from the province of Salta. The opening ceremony was attended by Gustavo Santos, Aldo Elías, Héctor Viñuales, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Salta, Juan Manuel Lavallén; the Secretary of Tourism of CAME, Gregorio Werchow; and the Head of the Vacation Segment Unit of Aerolineas Argentinas, Elida Álvarez de Ron.

During the inauguration, Aldo Elías highlighted the implementation of this initiative that seeks to strengthen the sector by promoting links between buyers and sellers of tourism products and services. "It is a very special moment, an end of the year that has been intense, with many actions and positioning of this activity that is giving us so many satisfactions," he said.

For his part, regarding the importance of this meeting, Héctor Viñuales stressed the value of the NeoWorkshop as a fundamental tool for generating business, strengthening the marketing chain. "We have to generate these meetings so that entrepreneurs and providers can put their products and services in the gondolas," he said.

Also, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Salta, Juan Manuel Lavalle highlighted the accompaniment of the province and the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation detailed the axes of its management, whose mandate ends in December, giving account of the growth that reached the tourist activity during the last years.

Natalia Ponferrada, from Catamarca, participated in the heads of tourism agencies, secretariats and provincial ministries; Daniel García, from Río Negro; Sebastián Giobellina, from Tucumán; Federico Posadas and Diego Valdecantos, from Jujuy; and Mauro Flores, from the province of Chaco.

After the opening the presentation of the news of Aerolineas Argentinas was carried out and after the camaraderie lunch the Business Rounds began. In this edition, 1350 formal business appointments were registered between 97 sellers and 50 buyers, and 485 spontaneous appointments accounting for 1835 total appointments. "It has been a very productive day, both for the record numbers of the meetings and for the satisfaction that the participants have given us," Viñuales said.

In the afternoon, the closing of the work day concluded with the traditional Gastronomic Exhibition, with the participation of prominent chefs from all regions of the country, whose objective aims to strengthen this segment along with the sale of tourist packages. To this was added the presentation of musical groups that accompanied the last leg of the encounter with the classics of northern folklore.

In turn, within the framework of the realization of the Salta NeoWorkshop, a family-themed enogastronomy tour is held from November 20 to 23 with renowned operators of the Airlines Holidays program linked to the Cooking Plan, whose objective is to complement the commercial instance with the visit and recognition of the proposals offered by the destinations of Northern Argentina.


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