Hotel Xcaret Mexico is filled with light and tradition

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Hotel Xcaret Mexico is filled with light and tradition
Wed November 27, 2019

Guests of the 900-suite hotel can enjoy a traditional Mexican inn full of the typical flavors of the season

The end of the year is just around the corner and with it one of the most anticipated seasons for its joy, color and for being the perfect excuse to reunite the whole family and enjoy delicious cuisine in the company of our loved ones, Christmas celebrations. And one of the most iconic traditions of these dates are, without a doubt, the inns that represent the trip of Mary and Joseph in search of a refuge to spend the night and end on Christmas Eve.

In this sense, Hotel Xcaret México, the Cinco Diamantes hotel that revolutionized the industry with its All-Fun Inclusive® concept, is preparing to offer, for the second consecutive year, a typical Mexican inn for all its guests that will culminate with the lighting of the tree highest Christmas in the Riviera Maya, honoring this emblematic tradition of our country in line with its goal of being a multiplier platform of Mexican art.

This year, guests and visitors of this natural refuge can enjoy a night full of flavors and tradition with a classic Kermes with delicious Mexican snacks such as tamales, tacos, toasts, quesadillas, cochinita pibil with its classic Xnipec sauce, skill games, sweets Traditional, hot drinks such as coconut atoles, cajeta, rice pudding and guava, punch and even live music through 4 stages distributed throughout the Xerro of the hotel, thus providing an unforgettable night for all attendees, who You can also enjoy the traditional activities of these festivities such as asking for an inn, singing Christmas carols, breaking the piñata and tasting a delicious Christmas punch, always accompanied by seasonal music.

"Since our birth, at Hotel Xcaret Mexico we aim to preserve our Mexican culture and share it with all who visit us," said Francisco Gutierrez, Executive Director of Xcaret Hotels. "Offering this inn allows our visitors to know and live one of the most entrenched traditions in our country while enjoying sharing with the family and friends a night full of fun for children and adults," added the manager.

Also, in the Chapel of All Angels a carol concert will be offered where they can sing and enjoy the cheerful melodies of the Decambrine era and to close with a flourish, the spectators can enjoy the lighting of the Xerro, which will be filled of such bright lights resembling a giant Christmas tree leaving all guests amazed.

It should be noted that the inn will take place next Saturday, December 14 and the gastronomic proposal will be in charge of Chef Orlando Trejo, Executive Chef of Hotel Xcaret Mexico, who will offer guests a variety of dishes that will undoubtedly please all palates.


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