RIU inaugurated a pediatric clinic for the population of Guanacaste

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RIU inaugurated a pediatric clinic for the population of Guanacaste
Thu November 28, 2019

It offers preventive care to some 5,000 children in the communities of Artola, Nuevo Colón and Sardinal among others

RIU Hotels & Resorts inaugurated this Tuesday the new Clinic of Medical Care for the Pediatric Population located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This project is part of the chain's investments in Social Responsibility at the destination and continues in its main line of action: the protection of children.

Lola Trian Riu, Responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility, traveled to Costa Rica to attend the opening ceremony. She was in charge of offering a few words to the attendees in which she stressed excitedly that "my greatest challenge and at the same time my greatest illusion is to be able to develop projects like the one that has brought us all together today." In addition, he added that “talking about commitment and responsibility is, in my humble point of view, talking about CSR. It is talking about how our activity can and should contribute, contribute and help the social development of a community ”. Finally, he closed his speech emphasizing that “the objective is very clear: to ensure that the Clinic is known to all and all the inhabitants of the region and that we can contribute positively, a little more every year, to the health of their children” .

The opening ceremony was also attended by local authorities and representatives of the communities that will benefit from the entry into operation of the new medical center.

The clinic began operating at the end of last August, and since then, the balance is very positive given that in September a total of 70 consultations were carried out and in October they almost doubled since the figure amounted to 133 consultations . The clinic is equipped with the necessary human and technical equipment to offer preventive care to some 5,000 children in the communities of Artola, Nuevo Colón and Sardinal, among others nearby. This is a great advantage since now parents do not have to move to other places to be able to take their children for consultation. The contribution of RIU has consisted of the complete remodeling and equipment of the health center and from now on it will take care of the salary of at least three people: pediatrician, nursing assistant and secretariat.

This project has been the first fruit of the new RIU methodology used to make decisions about investment in Social Responsibility in the destinations. For this, a preliminary study of the area is carried out, in which the community, workers and other agents are consulted and thus the needs of the environment are ascertained and actions such as this one in the destinations can be carried out. It is an innovative action process since it had never been used before in the hotel sector and that the chain will apply from now on.


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