Amadeus offers open APIs with AI for start-ups

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Amadeus offers open APIs with AI for start-ups
Thu November 28, 2019

It will allow developers to design solutions to predict travel intentions, tourist behaviors and flight delays, without the need for prior knowledge

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It is expected that, by 2035, artificial intelligence systems will have given the global economy a boost of $ 14 trillion. In the tourism industry, this technology has the potential to produce a value of 400 billion dollars, more than double the value that could be obtained through traditional analytical methods. In the current economy of the fourth industrial revolution, AI is becoming an essential factor for the main players in the travel industry, as it helps them better understand and motivate travelers, create personalized experiences and compete for attract more demanding customers who dominate technologies as they change devices and channels.

To this end, Amadeus wants to provide start-ups, independent developers and emerging businesses with capabilities that allow them to gain a competitive advantage by launching a new set of AI-based application programming interfaces (APIs) as part of the program. Amadeus for Developers. These APIs will offer developers the possibility of designing solutions that allow predicting travel intentions, travelers' behaviors and flight delays, among many other factors, without the need for prior knowledge of data or AI.

This is the first time in the tourism industry that AI capabilities are made available to independent developers and start-ups through open APIs. Amadeus offers ready-to-implement predictive models based on very useful features and perspectives that draw on its extensive travel data sources.

These APIs allow innovators in the world of travel to create amazing AI-based applications with innovative features and groundbreaking business models that have the ability to transform the travel experience. These perspectives are offered through the Amadeus self-service API catalog, and any developer can start testing the APIs in less than three minutes.

The most pioneers already demonstrated the value of these APIs with AI in the Amadeus hackathon held in London between November 9 and 10, 2019. This event served as a showcase for various experimental uses of the APIs, which included a application that helps reduce travel stress, as well as solutions to help travelers find activities at their destination and between stops.

“At Amadeus, we constantly look for opportunities to eliminate friction in the world of travel. Therefore, we are pleased to make this new knowledge and tools based on AI available to the travel industry for the first time. These will allow innovators to create incredible applications thanks to the power of AI; In addition, they will simplify user travel, ”said Stefan Ropers, President, Strategic Growth Businesses, Amadeus.

Fran Romero, director of Open Innovation Programs at Amadeus, comments as follows: “As our last hackathon showed, once the right tools are offered to innovators, they are capable of creating incredible applications. AI-based technologies will transform the way we receive offers, how we customize travel, our experience at the airport and much more. However, although travel brands are enjoying enormous operational improvements, more personalized experiences and greater customer motivation thanks to AI, start-ups and the smallest innovators in the industry find it more difficult to access historical data To educate their models. Thanks to the artificial intelligence APIs of Amadeus, we are changing this: we are democratizing AI in the travel industry. ”

The APIs with AI of Amadeus take advantage of our important collaborative legacy. Amadeus launched the Amadeus for Developers program in November 2018 in order to promote collaboration within the developer community. This open innovation program allows any developer and start-up to connect to Amadeus APIs in just a few minutes to develop their own products and services.


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