ALTA and IAWA grant aviation students in Panama

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ALTA and IAWA grant aviation students in Panama
Thu November 28, 2019

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) and the International Aviation Women's Association (IAWA) provided an economic contribution to six female students of technical aviation careers at the Technological University of Panama (UTP)

After the signing, on July 10 in Panama City, of an Academic, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation Agreement between ALTA and the UTP to promote programs of common interest that promote the sustainable development of professionals in the air sector in Panama, the delivery of an economic contribution to the six students with better academic performance in the careers of aircraft maintenance engineering technician with specialization in engines and fuselage and flight dispatcher technician was determined.
Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA, said that "it is a pride for ALTA to partner with IAWA to support women technical career students in Panama to complete their studies. This first edition of financial support delivery benefits six students and we call on all the students of the technical aviation careers at the UTP to continue improving their academic index and receive future scholarships. Aviation is a highly specialized industry and we see with great satisfaction the commitment of the UTP students; I am sure that we will soon see great professionals contributing to the development of aviation not only in Panama but in the region. "
According to data from the International Society of Women Pilots and IATA, women represent only 5% of the total airline pilots and only about 3% of CEOs in aviation are women. Alina Nassar, President of IAWA, commented: "IAWA is a global organization that promotes the advancement and positioning of women in aviation and aerospace, seeking a more equitable and inclusive industry. Without a doubt, supporting the formation of talent demanded by the industry for its growth and providing the platforms to boost the future leadership of that talent is fundamental within the mission of IAWA. Our student scholarship programs allow us to actively contribute to the development and progress of aviation. "
During the award ceremony, the Rector of the Technological University of Panama, Ing. Héctor M. Montemayor Á., Expressed his satisfaction: "It is an extremely important moment because it allows the Technological University of Panama to meet its goals and objectives. We would like to thank the representatives of ALTA and IAWA for their cooperation with our students and our university. "
A study conducted by Korn Ferry, IAWA, IATA, AIA, A4A, ACI and CANSO to 2,400 employees of aviation companies in early 2019 showed that three of the main challenges that hinder the advancement of women in aviation are: the lack of representation, lack of inclusive corporate structures and lack of inclusive behavior.
"At ALTA we are convinced of the importance of having a more diverse industry, that recognizes that professionalism, creativity and inclusion will generate development in our companies and society. With this program, we want to recognize young women who decided to follow their dreams and goals and we want to encourage their skills to start a successful career in aviation. Today we invite all students, women and men, to continue to strive and continue improving their academic indexes with the aim of opting for a participation in the HIGH CCMA & MRO Conference in May By 2020, our maintenance and technical purchasing conference, so that you know first-hand the main suppliers of the industry and the labor field.We are sure that you will give the two winning students of this recognition (a man and a woman) a valuable opportunity, "de Oliveira said.
The agreement signed in July 2019 between ALTA and the UTP includes the exchange of information and technology transfer, development of joint programs and projects, development of seminars and talks, among other initiatives to support the student and development of the aeronautical sector in Panama. ALTA and IAWA will continue to develop this close alliance to support young women in Panama and continue to generate meeting spaces for women executives in the industry to shape a more inclusive and diverse industry.


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