German Cruise arrives for the first time to Limón, Costa Rica

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German Cruise arrives for the first time to Limón, Costa Rica
Thu November 28, 2019

More than 2,500 cruise passengers and 1,000 crew members arrived on the ship belonging to TUI Cruises

The 2019-2020 cruise season continues its successful development in Limón. This Monday, more than 2,500 cruise passengers (mostly of German nationality) and 1,000 crew members were part of the first arrival of the German cruise ship Mein Schiff 1 to the Hernán Garrón Salazar Terminal of the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Slope ( JAPDEVA).

The 313 meter long and 36 wide boat - which has officially sailed since May 2018 - was attended with professionalism and without any mishap, by the JAPDEVA team, who started the ship docking maneuver at 6:45 am , then his passengers were ready to live the experience of visiting Limón. Twelve officers of the Board participated in the operation.

 “We continue to seek the development of a successful cruise season. JAPDEVA staff has worked with a lot of professionalism and responsibility. There is also a whole gear of strategic allies between merchants, tour operators, transporters and artisans who prepared to improve the visitor experience, ”said JAPDEVA Executive President Andrea Centeno.

According to data from Japdeva, there are around $ 150,000 per cruise in the area, which represents approximately an investment of $ 71 per cruise ship.

“We recognize in the cruise industry an important trigger for the economy and therefore our commitment is to serve them in the best possible way. We have the opportunity to increase the average consumption of cruise passengers if we manage to offer a wider range of services and destinations in the province, that is our goal, ”said Centeno.

As part of the opening ceremony for the arrival of the Mein Schiff 1, the traditional exchange of badges was held with the ship's captain, Jens Alexander Troier; the General Manager of SCANSA ILG Logistics (shipping agency responsible for coordination with the TUI cruise line), Jan Martin Nielsen and the Executive President of JAPDEVA, Andrea Centeno.


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