Peru has received important awards in the WTA

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Peru has received important awards in the WTA
Mon December 02, 2019

PROMPERÚ announced that the South American country won three awards at the 2019 World Travel Awards gala


The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) announced that the South American country won three awards at the World Travel Awards 2019 (WTA) gala, considered 'The Oscar of Tourism', held in the capital of Oman.

‘Best Culinary Destination in the World’, ‘Best Cultural Destination in the World’ and ‘Best Tourist Attraction in the World: Machu Picchu’ were the three awards for which the international tourism industry rewarded Peru. It should be noted that this is not the first time that this country triumphs in these categories, with the recognition of its gastronomy being the most awarded for eight consecutive years.

“The world increasingly recognizes the wonders of our country: our cuisine, our iconic Machu Picchu and our ancient culture. It also supports the promotional efforts that we have been carrying out from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, PROMPERÚ and our Commercial Offices Abroad, in order to attract more tourists and boost this sector, ”said the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vasquez

The renowned Peruvian cuisine conquers palates and has become a travel motivator for thousands of people, for which it was awarded the prize as ‘Best Culinary Destination in the World’.

In turn, the executive president of PROMPERÚ, Luis Torres, said that through the marca Peru, Mucho Gusto ’brand, PROMPERÚ has been promoting gastronomy and revaluing the uses, customs and supplies of all regions of the country; positioning, in addition, the sector brands Super Foods Peru, Cafés del Perú and Pisco, Spirit of Peru. "It should be noted that it has contributed to generating regional identity and articulation spaces," he said.

Machu Picchu, recognized as ‘Best Tourist Attraction in the World’, is the Inca sanctuary that includes archaeological complexes and a variety of ecosystems, becoming the icon of Peruvian tourism. In addition, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and has received numerous international awards.

The third award for Peru was as ‘Best Cultural Destination in the World’, due to the valuable archaeological heritage that the country possesses, as it is one of the cradles of the civilization of humanity. In addition, its territory has a vibrant and active contemporary cultural life, with museums and art galleries that show the best of the production of Peruvian artists.

The World Travel Awards have 26 years of experience recognizing excellence in all sectors of the tourism and travel industry around the world. The winners are chosen thanks to the public vote on the organization's online platform, made up of tourism professionals, businessmen and travelers.


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