Euromonitor publishes the report "Top 100 Cities Destinations 2019"

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Euromonitor publishes the report "Top 100 Cities Destinations 2019"
Tue December 03, 2019

The ranking reports the main cities in the world according to international tourist arrivals. Cancun leads the positions in Latin America and the Caribbean

According to the report, the cities of North America continue to perform well, however, most lost places in the rankings due to the increased competitiveness of the destinations in Asia and Europe. In Latin America, cities faced challenges, dropping several locations.

Global arrivals are expected to grow 4.2% to 1.5 billion trips in 2019, with the top 100 cities comprising almost 47% of global arrivals and growing 6.2% in 2019.

The top 100 cities continuously outweigh the growth of global arrivals as tourism becomes a catalyst for innovation, as well as an engine of socio-economic progress.

This has led to smart city developments, encouraged by government long-term tourism strategies and a significantly greater investment in travel and tourism in recent years.

Asia continues to outperform other regions, representing 43 of the top 100 cities. Hong Kong continues to lead the ranking of cities worldwide despite the riots and protests that lead to a sharp decline in the number of visitor arrivals in 2019.

Europe remains the second key region for travelers with 32 cities in the ranking, just like last year. However, Brexit's uncertainty remained a concern for many travelers, which led to a slight decrease in the number of incoming arrivals to London in 2018. Despite this, the city maintained its third place worldwide in 2018 , but it is predicted that it will lose two places to fifth place in the ranking in 2019.
The cities of North America continue to perform well, however, most cities lost their rankings due to the increased competitiveness of Asian and European cities' destinations.

Latin American cities face challenges with Mexico City leaving the ranking and only four cities listed in the top 100 destinations.

The Middle East and Africa continued to show steady growth, with leading destinations such as Dubai
experiencing flat growth. Saudi Arabia, the second most important market in the region, experienced a slowdown in religious tourism and arrivals. Egypt returned thanks to its tourism reform program, with Hurghada in the ranking of the 100 best destinations in the city for the first time
and Cairo that improved to position 42.

Cancun is ranked 40th in the ranking. It is logically the most visited city in Latin America. The number of international arrivals visiting the city has been decreasing and still maintains its leadership.

Buenos Aires, is the most visited city in South America and is located at position 85 of the ranking. Lima has been ranked 89 and Rio de Janeiro in 98.


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