Embratur presents data on the growth of Brazilian tourism

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Embratur presents data on the growth of Brazilian tourism
Tue December 03, 2019

President Gilson Machado Neto highlighted the main actions that already bring positive results to the sector at the last meeting of the year of the CNT

Embratur President Gilson Machado Neto presented the main achievements for tourism in 2019 at the 55th extraordinary meeting of the National Tourism Council, which is part of the 1st National Tourism Week, held in Belo Horizonte (MG), and has the presence representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the tourism trade and international organizations. The event takes place between today (3) and Friday (6) in the capital of Minas Gerais.

In the main agenda of the meeting the balance of progress and next steps of the sector. In addition, participants followed the tourism actions in the first 300 days of President Jair Bolsonaro's rule. For Embratur's president, this is the perfect time to draw the next steps so that “Brazil ceases to be the potential country and becomes, indeed, a success, especially in the area of ​​tourism,” said Gilson.

In his speech, Gilson Machado Neto highlighted the measures adopted by the Jair Bolsonaro government that have already achieved gains for the sector. Visa waiver for strategic countries - the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan have been released since June this year, while China and Qatar, President Bolsonaro announced in October - in effect for just over five months, has proved to be an important hit. of the Brazilian government. Preliminary data from the Ministry of Tourism indicate that the influx of American, Canadian and Australian tourists in Brazil grew 25% in October this year, when compared to the same period of 2018.

Another point that President Gilson highlighted was the signing of the Provisional Measure that transforms Embratur into an agency. “The goal of the federal government is simple: to double, or even triple, the arrival of international tourists in the country. Since 1999, foreign entry into Brazil has been stagnant at around 6 million. A number short of the Brazilian tourist capacities. We have the largest ecotourism power in the world, good infrastructure and a unique coastline with 365 days of hot water, "said the president of Embratur.

He said another goal of the program is to increase the collection with foreign tourists. Currently, the country raises $ 5.8 billion, a figure that should reach the mark of $ 19 billion. "If they do not obstruct the advances of tourism, you can be sure that we will reach these new parameters," concluded Gilson Machado Neto, asking the support of all CNT participants for the approval of the MP that is in the National Congress and has up to 120 days to be voted on.

In addition, the president of Embratur highlighted measures that moved the Brazilian tourism sector, such as allowing foreign investment in domestic airlines; sinking of ships and support for contemplation diving; negotiations for the installation of resorts of large international groups; reduction of contracts and Embratur's fixed cost; historic award at WTM London, one of the world's premier tourism events, where the Brazilian booth was recognized as the best for business; Brazil's new marketing promotional actions as a tourist destination; signing of an International Treaty with the International Labor Organization in the field of maritime cruises, among others.

Embratur President Gilson Machado Neto, who headed the tourism portfolio transition process, stressed the federal government's understanding of the importance of Brazilian tourism. "We are talking about a sector that grows 3% per year, above the national average. For every $ 1 invested, about $ 20 returns. Tourism is certainly an economic force and will be essential for the Brazilian economic recovery and for the economy." job creation. Tourism is a national agenda, to be against these measures is to be against the country, "he said.


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