Bahia Principe and its new green lung in the Caribbean Sea

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Bahia Principe and its new green lung in the Caribbean Sea
Wed December 04, 2019

The hotel chain seeks to support the green economy and achieve the certification of sustainable maintenance with the reduction of chemical products, one of the main objectives of the Geo Plan

Bahia Principe managed to significantly reduce its ecological footprint through a sustainable mobility plan initiated in 2017 and reduced the carbon footprint emitted by each stay in its establishments by 4%. The company continues to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN) along with Ocean’s 4 and its four holes in the Caribbean Sea, with which they aim to become the best sustainable golf course.
The hotel chain of the Piñero Group clearly shows its firm commitment to the environment, guiding all its actions to integrate its social and environmental intervention in the processes of its activity. In this case, reforestation with native and endangered species is their priority. The reuse of seaweed and its use as fertilizers in greens is also another field maintenance system, which makes it absolutely special and innovative.
“In this last year and a half we have developed a phytosanitary control plan for the golf course, which consists of the application of natural substances from the forests in the field: castor tree branches and" nim ". From these branches we get natural fumigation products ”said Juan Uranga, green-keeper and responsible for the maintenance of Ocean's4.
Meanwhile, Antonia del Toro, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of Grupo Piñero added: “Rational management of chemical products can reduce financial and health burdens, as well as improving livelihoods, helping ecosystems, reducing pollution and encourage the development of green technologies”.


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