Civitatis lands in Argentina

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Civitatis lands in Argentina
Alberto Gutiérrez, Civitatis
Thu December 05, 2019

With the premise of filling the trip with experiences, the world's number 1 distributor of guided tours and excursions in Spanish arrives in Argentina to expand the portfolio

In 2008, Alberto Gutiérrez, founder and CEO of Civitatis, began writing free travel guides and uploading them to the Internet. Quickly these reviews became the most read in Spanish, Civitatis (“of the cities” in Latin), emerged as a platform to group them. Since its creation, the site has grown exponentially to exceed 3.5 million satisfied customers during the year 2019, becoming the number 1 worldwide distributor of guided tours and excursions in Spanish.

The aim of Civitatis is to make it easier for users to organize their trips so that they can fill them with experiences in Spanish with just one click and in the safest way. Currently, it has a portfolio of 30,000 activities in more than 1,000 destinations in 100 countries, the offer in Argentina is 244 activities and excursions distributed in more than 15 cities throughout the country.

“The key to Civitatis is to offer the customer what they are looking for at the most competitive price. In our case, we offer guided tours and excursions in Spanish around the world with the best price guaranteed. We must not forget that, although we know other languages, we always like to receive a service in Spanish, ”says Alberto Gutiérrez.

Part of the success of the site is its reputation built on more than 700 thousand real opinions from its users. To guarantee this, Civitatis sends a survey to the tourists who hired the activity and then their participation is confirmed and confirmed by the provider and in that case their comment is taken into account.

“What in principle was little more than a hobby, has become over the last decade the leading global platform of activities and tours in Spanish. Since then, the aim of Civitatis has been to increase the product portfolio, which is why we are very excited about our arrival in Argentina, it is a very important market in the tourism sector. One of our main objectives for the next year 2020 is to continue expanding our brand and activities throughout Latin America, ”concludes Alberto Gutiérrez.


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