Sao Paulo Secretary of Tourism guarantees more flights leaving the city

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Sao Paulo Secretary of Tourism guarantees more flights leaving the city
Mon December 09, 2019

Vinicius Lummertz announced that the state will have by the end of the year 700 new weekly flights

São Paulo State Tourism Secretary Vinicius Lummertz recently announced that the State will have 700 new weekly flights by the end of the year, created by airlines that have agreed to expand their flight offer, in return for reducing the ICMS tax rate. aviation kerosene from 25% to 12%.
When the program was announced in February, the government intended to create 490 departures per week, with 416 flights out of the state and 34 within the state. The plan involves 38 destinations in 21 states. Lummertz also said that the number of passengers transported in São Paulo will grow 8% in 2019, and should end the year with 75 million passengers transported.

More flight options = cheaper tickets
According to Paula Rebouças, country manager of TurismoCity flight search engine, the measure will also benefit passengers who will have more flight options from different airlines at their disposal to evaluate before making their purchase. “São Paulo has flights taking off all over Brazil, as well as several countries abroad. For those looking to save time when planning a national trip a tip is to use the search engines. TurismoCity, for example, operates through artificial intelligence and offers users about 30% savings, ”he explains.


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