SKY bought 10 long-range airplanes to fly to the Caribbean and the US

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SKY bought 10 long-range airplanes to fly to the Caribbean and the US
Tue December 10, 2019

The company's plan is to fly from Santiago offering significantly lower prices

SKY announced the purchase of 10 A321XLR aircraft, which will be added to its A320neo fleet providing greater flight autonomy, which will allow it to fly from Santiago to the Caribbean and to Miami, in the United States, at significantly lower prices than those offered Today in the market.

"This model of plane that we are buying has the ability to fly distances greater than our current fleet, which will allow us to offer direct flights to the Caribbean and Miami, in the United States, at prices never seen," said the company's CEO, Holger Paulmann, when making the announcement.

SKY is replacing all its A319 aircraft with the A320neo, with latest generation engines and sharlets on its wings, with lower noise emissions and fuel consumption and with a cabin configured for 186 passengers, 21% more than previous models.

The incorporation of 10 A321XLR aircraft to the fleet of 24 aircraft currently available will allow the company to fly distances of up to 8,500 kilometers and further reduce fuel consumption per passenger.

The new airplanes and the new routes to the Caribbean and the United States will also be available for passengers who want to fly from Argentina, via Santiago de Chile, at prices lower than those of the market.


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