SITA implements self bag drop on Latam flights

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SITA implements self bag drop on Latam flights
Tue December 17, 2019

Self-service baggage delivery technology is being installed at 18 airports in the Americas, starting with Brasilia

SITA has just implemented Scan & Fly self-service technology for baggage handling on flights operated by LATAM Airlines Group. Implementation takes place initially at 18 airports in five countries of the Americas. The move is part of the airline's job to transform the passenger experience. The first eight kiosks are already in operation at Brasilia International Airport. The remaining 97 units will be implemented gradually at other airports in the coming months. The technology enables passengers to unpack their bags in less than 40 seconds.

Most of the 105 luggage delivery units will be installed in Brazil, and the rest at other airports in the region. LATAM is the leading group of airlines in Latin America, carrying about 72 million passengers annually. As passenger numbers increase, airports need to become more efficient and functional, and smart use of technology is the only way to make this ideal scenario a reality.

Elbson Quadros, vice president of SITA Latin America, said: “Passengers prefer to check in remotely or at a kiosk to avoid waiting lines. The same logic applies when it comes to leaving your bags. They want a process as fast as possible. Our self-service baggage delivery technology is being used at airports around the world, improving customer satisfaction, reducing queues and reducing costs. ”

Edwin Garcia, director of airport operations at LATAM Airlines Group, said: “We understand that our passengers want more automation because it gives them greater control over their travel and reduces waiting times. This calls for a more efficient airport that frees our team members so they can devote their time to helping passengers rather than filling out repetitive mechanical processes. It's a win-win with reduced queues, higher terminal capacity and lower operating costs. ”

Many airports face capacity constraints, which can lead to long queues. For airports that do not have the resources or space to expand, SITA Scan & Fly can be installed at existing check-in counters and conveyor belts, offering up to a 60% increase in terminal capacity, which means a reduction of 40%. % operating costs and improved passenger experience.

SITA is the leading provider of airport technology in Latin America, covering all areas including passenger processing, airport operations, baggage, border management, and aircraft communications. The combination of all these technologies creates efficiency for airports, airlines, government agencies, ground handlers and, most importantly, passengers.


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