Plural events and generation gap

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Plural events and generation gap
Tue December 17, 2019

Luciane Leite, Director of WTM Latin America, shares with us her vision of the present and future of the convention industry

Brazil is getting older. The statement is a finding of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), which projects that by 2060 32% of the Brazilian population will be 60 years of age or older. There are many factors that indicate this natural aging of the country. The increase in life expectancy and the decrease in birth rates are two of them.

Until 1980, when analyzing the average age of Brazilians, the chart had a pyramidal appearance, which revealed a young population much larger than that of the elderly. In the current graph, the age ranges of 25 to 54 years are already more representative, and this also has an impact on the workforce that the country has at its disposal.

After all, are we prepared to employ such different generations?

This issue is present in this reflection, but it also goes further. Are companies considering hiring human capital over 45 years? The two questions seem to speak of opposite universes, but in fact they refer to a routine and current work environment.

If on the one hand we have young people from 20 to 25 years with little experience and, therefore, with few opportunities to work in the labor market, on the other, we have more mature professionals with knowledge, background, expertise and willingness to fill spaces that Companies do not provide them due to age.

I am pleased to say that, more frequently, I have heard stories of companies that are beginning to understand this idea and hiring professionals over 50 years of age “which gives me hope”, at the same time that they are giving young people who are beginning their careers the opportunity to learn, develop and improve in the labor market.

In our tourism industry, as well as in fairs and events, the reality is no different. And here, we return to the first question: Are we prepared to employ and manage people from such different generations?

We should be! The plurality of generations must be seen more and more as a natural development that offers opportunities. The different ways of thinking, the experiences of each person and their way of seeing and positioning themselves in the world take us out of the ordinary and lead us to improve processes and even humanize relationships.

More than a reflection on the different generations, the market needs to look, understand and absorb the workforce from different profiles. The presence of the LGBTQ + community, different races, different beliefs, all coexisting in the same environment, among other factors, generate, in the same way that a multidisciplinary approach in the working groups, solutions and innovations for the market with differentiated possibilities and lines that interact and converge with changes in the market and in people's behavior.

The Delivering Trought Diversity diversity study, conducted in 12 countries and presented by the consultant McKinsey and Co., provided valuable insights to this discussion. Of the almost 1,000 global companies surveyed, those with the greatest profile diversity were also the most profitable.

Multinational companies can be clearer in the definition of inclusion policies and the Brazilian market needs to analyze this issue of plurality and diversity carefully.

Both the tourism sector and the fairs and events sector, in which I as a professional operate, must commit to develop inclusion policies for this fusion of generations or even make them so natural that the policy is simply a reminder of what seems to be Right

The US market already has applicable laws. That is why they are more mature when it comes to hiring people over 50. Other countries such as Singapore, for example, where the pyramid is already inverted, have also adapted to this demand.

The combination of the experience of people who are familiar with the obstacles facing economic sectors and market problems, with the oxygenation of ideas as a result of the arrival in the sector of generations that have a lot of energy to renew, learn and, in particular , to mature professionally, creates a positive reference for the continuity of both the market and the best practices adopted.

We know the strength and potential of tourism and the segment of fairs and events for the country. There are millions of jobs generated directly and indirectly, a thriving economy and an impeccable ability to adapt to new demands and new times.

To shed light on the issue of diversity and the real achievements resulting from this action is a differential factor that will generate even more competitiveness and social responsibility for this chain. It is worth the reflection and, in particular, benchmarking in companies and countries that already have this commitment to make the labor market increasingly plural. Did you know that here, at Reed Exhibitions, we have already implemented this more careful and transparent approach?


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