Working group sets points to unlock air sector in Brazil

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Working group sets points to unlock air sector in Brazil
Wed December 18, 2019

Representatives from Embratur, Ministry of Tourism, ANAC, SAC, IATA and airlines discussed ways to improve services and consumer pricing possibilities

The strengthening and improvement of Brazilian aviation were the subject of debate at Embratur headquarters, in Brasilia (DF), on Tuesday (17). A Working Group composed of members of the Federal Government and industry companies have set goals and ways to increase the competitiveness of the national air network. The objective is to equate Brazilian and international legislation, thus ensuring better service options and variety of consumer prices.

“President Bolsonaro personally asked me to come up with solutions to further develop our airline industry. We are studying a series of measures ranging from security to the regulatory agenda to present the Planalto Palace with appropriate and assertive measures, ”explained Gilson Machado Neto, CEO of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur).

Among the sectors defined by the Working Group, in which they will seek legislative or accountable ways of the Executive Power, are: Security and Infrastructure, Regulatory Agenda, Airport Concessions, Regional Aviation, Air Cargo, Wet Leasing and Tax and Labor Charges.

Embratur's Director of Marketing, Intelligence and Communication, Osvaldo Matos, agreed that in January the first concrete results will be brought to President Jair Bolsonaro. “This work will lead to the improvement of the tourism scenario in the coming years. Soon, ”he said.

The working group also includes the National Secretary of Civil Aviation, Ronei Saggiori Glanzmann; the president of the Brazilian Association of Airlines, Eduardo Sanovicz; IATA's Director of External Relations in Brazil, Marcelo Pedroso; Frentur President, Federal Representative Herculano Passos; the National Secretary for Interinstitutional Integration of the Ministry of Tourism, Bob Santos, and the representative of the National Civil Aviation Agency, Ricardo Catanant.


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