5 trends that will dominate the travel industry in 2020

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5 trends that will dominate the travel industry in 2020
Fri December 20, 2019

Amadeus shares with us his vision on the evolution of the tourism industry for next year

Undoubtedly, travel will continue to grow in 2020 and consumers will see the evolution of the industry with new technological developments. Digitization offers the traveler several options at each step of the trip and today's consumers expect a high level of flexibility and customization when booking trips. So, what can travelers expect as a new year begins? Here are the five main trends that will dominate the industry according to a new Amadeus study:

1. If you are not online, it never happened: social networks and travel reservations
Instagram has more than 500 million active users who share an average of 85 million photos per day (National Geographic). Travel photos encourage users to a new traveling spirit, so much so that 40% of Instagram users under the age of 33 voted that 'Instagrammability' was one of their main factors in selecting a vacation destination. With the growing influence of social networks, industry agents are working to provide a similar experience. Among younger generations and emerging economies, the smartphone has displaced laptops as the preferred platform for searching, booking and exchanging travel content, so travel companies must have a mobile-first mentality throughout User experience

2. A predominant factor: conscious travel
Sustainability has become a decisive factor for people who buy trips and book accommodation, and travel companies are adapting their offers to reflect this. From the reduction of plastic in hotels to the creation of vacation packages focused on sustainability, consumers are offered different options when it comes to green lodging, and they are starting to hold companies accountable for not complying with the requirements. Tourists want to make sure that their trips will have a positive impact on the world and there is a greater interest in understanding how tourism negatively affects or benefits a local economy.

3. One million ways to pay: Fintech innovation and alternative payment methods
With the growth of service purchases and direct destination support, the travel industry is ready for innovation in payment processes. The global innovation of finance technology companies is happening at a rapid pace and today, there are more than 300 different ways to pay for travel around the world.
By adopting new platforms and technologies, travel companies can easily accept the widest range of alternative payment methods, which helps improve the customer experience and reduce costs. This movement is seen as a response to the evolution of consumer payment preferences, which corresponds to the increase in the use of mobile devices.

4. Travel alone: ​​increase in individual trips
Being single has been considered temporary for a long time. But marriage rates are declining, and the single population, both those who have never married and divorced, is increasing worldwide. Travel brands must adjust their offer to meet the needs of these travelers - since traveling alone does not necessarily mean traveling without company - and hospitality brands must satisfy the desire for social interaction and the need for loneliness. At the same time, there has been a recent increase in women traveling alone, surpassing men in frequency of solo travel, raising questions, not only for travel preferences, but also for the duty of care for business travelers.

5. Machines cannot replace human contact
While virtual reality technology, super apps and artificial intelligence will provide unprecedented support for travelers, predicting behavior, anticipating potential problems and offering solutions, people still prefer to deal with people. The expectations of corporate travelers and consumers have been increased by their daily experiences. The most successful travel brands will be those that can demonstrate that they fully understand their audiences using authorized data, and that they can create customized offers for them.


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