6.5 million tourists will visit Dominican Republic in 2020

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6.5 million tourists will visit Dominican Republic in 2020
Thu December 26, 2019

This was stated by Julio Almonte, Vice Minister of Tourism of the Caribbean country

Julio Almonte, Vice Minister of Tourism, declared that 2020 will be the peak year of the industry in the country due to the infrastructure works that are being manufactured with a view to streamlining communication routes and other constructions that will positively impact tourism activity from the north zone.

In that sense, he explained that, they continue to join forces with the various actors in the sector to achieve increase, and better results, while ensuring that more than 6.5 million tourists will visit the beautiful tropical nation in the coming year.

“All the different offices at international level in combination with the public and private sectors, we work together to make 2020 the peak year of the Dominican Republic, and the destination of Santiago, that Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway ends at the end of January , it means that the two destinations Santiago and Puerto Plata will work together, ”said the official of the Ministry of Tourism.

In that same order, he affirmed that “tourists will come from the Puerto Plata cruises, the more than 200 thousand tourists that arrive through the Santiago Airport, the more than 500 thousand that arrive through the Puerto Plata airport, and the more than 800 thousand that arrive via cruise ships to Puerto Plata through the second cruise port that will be ready by November 2020 ”detailed Almonte.


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