Embratur ends 2019 with the transformation of Brazilian tourism

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Embratur ends 2019 with the transformation of Brazilian tourism
Gilson Machado Neto, Embratur
Mon December 30, 2019

Achievements such as visa-free travel, strengthening the airline industry, promotional campaigns for the international public and consolidating Brazil as a destination for ecotourism marked the first year of Gilson Machado Neto's management

In 2019, Brazilian tourism experienced a new moment. A moment of international opening that can bring great economic results anchored to the sector. Following the inauguration of President Jair Bolsonaro, tourism has officially been treated as a priority and as an economic vector. In his first official overseas mission in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum meeting, the representative confirmed this new reality. In his speech, the president put the tourism sector in the spotlight as a central part of the government's strategic agenda.
As early as the first half of the year, President Jair Bolsonaro met an old demand from the tourism supply chain, and in the first hundred days of government, approved visa-free travel for strategic countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan. According to the director-president Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur), Gilson Machado Neto, the measure guaranteed records of growth both in the entry of foreign tourists in Brazil and in money circulating in the economy of the country.

“Tourism is one of the fastest growing activities that produce social and economic impact with job and income generation. Reducing bureaucracy and encouraging more foreign tourists, encouraged by the Jair Bolsonaro Government, drive our economy, promote Brazil's international opening and reposition the country in the world tourism market, ”said Gilson.

According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Tourism, US, Canadian and Australian visitors to Brazil from June to August grew 25% compared to the same period last year. The Amadeus Group, one of the world's largest travel and technology companies, pointed to higher demand from Brazil for tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan by 2020. The biggest growth is in the number of bookings made for June. next year for these four countries together: 158% more than the same month of 2019.

The year was one of great participations and representations of Brazil as a tourist destination abroad. Gilson Machado Neto's management promoted roadshows in strategic countries such as France and Italy; Brazil was represented at the world's largest tourism fairs with cheerful, engaging booths that were awarded the best booth for doing business at WTM London, and the most attractive booth at FITPAR in Paraguay. In addition, the president of Embratur was in charge of the articulation with national and international air sector; technical visits to major destinations in the country for operational agreements; creation and production of new promotional films, running large online and offline media campaigns in partnership with major international media such as Clarín, from Argentina; press trips with the international press; meeting the demands of representatives of Brazilian states and the national press; coordination and production of new image portfolio in Brazil; redesign of websites and social networks; public relations actions in the markets of North America, South America, Europe and Asia; expansion of market intelligence studies and research; programmatic media campaigns; reopening of closed airports for international flights, such as Alagoas airport, and attraction of new international frequencies to Brazil. Still in the field of Advertising, there was the creation of virtual reality and 3D videos.

Ambassadors - By participating in international tourism fairs, with representatives of Brazilian attractions and destinations, the management of Gilson Machado Neto presented, during the year, the main measures defended by the strengthening of Brazilian tourism at international level. Among them, the Embratur Brazilian Tourism Ambassadors Program stands out. Launched in July this year, the initiative is completely voluntary. Zezé Di Camargo was the 11th nominated by the Program. In addition to the singer, the action has, so far, the performance of Ronaldinho, Amado Batista, Richard Rasmussen, Renzo Gracie, Bruno and Marrone, Romero Britto, Vitor Belfort, Frederico Lapenda and TV host Ratinho. Representatives receive international promotional materials for Brazilian tourism in order to influence international tourists to visit Brazil through their social networks. Embratur selects recognized personalities in its activities, who can be multipliers of Brazilian culture, nature and attractions, and thus help to increase the flow of visitors in the country.

Ship sinking - In September this year, the new policy for strengthening Brazilian ecotourism, focusing on nautical tourism, diving and contemplation, gained strength in Brazil. Proposed by Embratur, with the support of other government agencies, such as the Ecotourism Secretariat, ICMBIO, Ibama and the Brazilian Navy, the National Nautical Ecotourism Revitalization Program was developed. Through the action, the first two ships were sunk off the coast of Tamandaré, located on the southern coast of the state of Pernambuco.

“President Jair Bolsonaro has ordered Embratur President Gilson Machado Neto and Environment Minister Ricardo Salles to coordinate all activities involving projects and actions that help to develop the various types of nautical tourism, interacting transversally. with the various government agents, ”said Embratur director Osvaldo Matos de Melo Júnior. According to him, the idea is to reformulate public policies that combine development and sustainability to leverage Brazilian tourism: “Because it has about 8,500 km of coastline, 35,000 km of inland waterways, 9,260 km of reservoir margins. freshwater, lakes and lagoons, being bathed by ocean currents favorable to navigation, having a climate conducive to sport and nautical leisure and presenting a plethora of untouched natural paradises, Brazil has one of the greatest potentials for the development of nautical ecotourism world, ”he says.

Ships have gone through an ink removal process to prevent water intoxication. All the preparation was accompanied by ICMBio, which develops environmental impact studies. The program also provides for the sinking of 1,200 equipment off the coast of Brazil. “The sinking of wagons, aircraft, boats of various sizes, giant statues and armored vehicles in dive-friendly areas will bring development of inns, hotels and resorts and are a priority for the portfolio, generating employment, income and foreign currency to destinations. Brazilians. Our action is supported by President Jair Bolsonaro, a great tourism enthusiast in Brazil, ”says CEO Gilson Machado Neto.

Mission in Asia - Following the Brazilian government entourage on the Asian continent, in October, Embratur CEO Gilson Machado Neto witnessed President Jair Bolsonaro's announcement of intention to exempt visas from tourists from China and Qatar to Brazil. According to the representatives who were on missions in the Middle East, an agreement was established to increase the flow of tourists and businessmen between the two countries, not only for the reduction of fees, but also for the possibility that visas last up to five years and allow multiple entries. Today, Brazilians only have the possibility to take business travel visas to travel to Saudi Arabia. The retinue led by President Jair Bolsonaro was welcomed by the country's crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. Bolsonaro's objective is to attract investors, particularly to the Investment Partnership Program's grant and privatization projects. Countries in this region are owners of large sovereign wealth funds seeking opportunities in emerging countries.

Air Sector - Embratur believes that the strengthening and improvement of Brazilian aviation is fundamental to the consolidation of Brazil as a tourist destination in the world. A Working Group, proposed by Embratur and composed of members of the Federal Government and companies in the sector, set goals and ways to increase the competitiveness of the national air network. The objective is to equate Brazilian and international legislation, thus ensuring better service options and variety of consumer prices. “President Bolsonaro personally asked me to come up with solutions to further develop our airline industry. We are studying a series of measures ranging from security to the regulatory agenda to present the Planalto Palace with appropriate and assertive measures, ”explained Gilson Machado Neto, CEO of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion. Among the sectors defined by the Working Group, in which they will seek legislative or accountable ways of the Executive Power, are: Security and Infrastructure, Regulatory Agenda, Airport Concessions, Regional Aviation, Air Cargo, Wet Leasing and Tax and Labor Charges.

Promotional Campaign - Also in October this year Embratur launched the “The King of Brazil” campaign. Directed exclusively to the international public, the action is promoted along the lines of a reality show to promote Brazil as a tourist destination for the world. According to Embratur director Osvaldo Matos, the "King of Brazil" will be accompanied by a video team made up of representatives of Embratur. “Tourists will be filmed from the moment they leave home in their home country. All episodes will be broadcast on social networks and will be available on the site created exclusively for the promotion, ”says the director. To be chosen, the foreigner will have to fulfill a series of requirements to show that he deserves to spend a month in Brazil with everything paid. One of the things evaluated will be your video and social networking skills. To participate, the applicant must be a foreign born and record a video with up to 1 minute with an answer to the question: What would a 30 day experience in Brazil mean to you? After recording, you must upload the video to YouTube and register on the campaign website. Participant should share the campaign video on their social media with hashtag # 30DaysInBrazilForFree to confirm their participation and ask their friends to help them for greater visibility. Interested parties will have until March 30, 2020 for registration.

Agency Transformation - In the month Embratur received the “Best Booth for Doing Business” trophy, one of the most coveted awards at one of the world's largest international fairs, WTL London, Brazilian tourism continued to strengthen. President Jair Bolsonaro signed Interim Measure 907/2019, which, among other things, makes Embratur the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion. The news was well received by the tourist trade and the Brazilian Legislature, which established the mixed commission that will analyze the proposal. The commission will have 60 days, renewable for the same period, to analyze and vote the text of the MP.

In addition, the composition of the Board of Directors and Deliberative Board of the new Agency has already been published; the statute that effectively creates the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion; the procurement and contract manual; the budget for 2020, which will be almost $ 650 million; Embratur organization chart; job, career and salary plan; assignment of servers; contracts and normative instruction 01/2019, which deals with labor rights and advantages of the new Embratur. “With the new Agency, Brazil is consolidating itself and is in fact competing for the intensive search for international tourists. This is an old dream that, with the confidence of President Jair Bolsonaro, will put our country in the international dispute and tourism competitiveness for the spread of Brazil abroad ”, says Gilson Machado Neto.


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