highlights the growth of Puerto Morelos

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Travel2Latam highlights the growth of Puerto Morelos
Thu January 09, 2020

According to the online travel company Puerto Morelos had a 91% increase in travel reservations during 2019


Traveling to non-traditional destinations has become increasingly recurrent among national travelers and therefore Despegar, the leading online travel company in Latin America, has been in charge of preparing an analysis to detect which emerging destinations are emerging to be Mexican favorites in 2020:

Nationally, Puerto Morelos leads the list, as it had a 91% increase in travel reservations during 2019, compared to the same period last year, and given this growth, it is located as one of the preferred emerging destinations for this year.

Likewise, Teuchitlán (83%), San Juan del Río (64%), Todos Santos (50%) and Barra de Navidad (49%), are other of the less traditional destinations that grew the most in the country throughout 2019 and therefore, they are also part of the list of favorite destinations.

On the other hand, the report also showed that winter vacations and long weekends (“bridges”) are the dates on which Mexicans travel the most to emerging destinations.

“Visiting and knowing new destinations is possible thanks to the facilities offered by online travel agencies, because selecting the most convenient means of payment, having the option to pay months without interest, being able to buy all products before leaving, between other benefits have made millions of Mexicans manage to make their desired trip. ”said Ezequiel Rubin, Country Manager of Despegar in Mexico.


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