Rio estimates to receive 1.9 million tourists at carnival

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Rio estimates to receive 1.9 million tourists at carnival
Mon January 13, 2020

Riotur forecasts about 7 million revelers on city streets


By Cristina Indio do Brasil - Reporter from Agência Brasil

The City of Rio de Janeiro estimates that the city will receive 1.9 million tourists at the carnival, surpassing the number reached last year, 1.7 million. Also in the period, the forecast is to have 7 million revelers in the city streets, and maximum occupancy in the hotel chain.

According to the president of Riotur, Marcelo Alves, currently the occupancy in the hotel chain is at 70%, and in five star hotels the forecast is to reach 100% occupancy. “Without a doubt we will reach 100%. We already have today the confirmation from Abih [Brazilian Hotel Industry Association] that it is the best year in history in hotel occupation. Economic movement of more than $ 4 billion, which will drive consumption. This is tourism. It is our DNA. This is the main business of the city and, above all, generate joy, evidently with a lot of responsibility and a lot of logistics, with a lot of operation by public agencies ”, he said, in the presentation of the planning of operations for Carnival 2020.

Marcelo Alves said that in addition to hotels, tourists are looking for other types of accommodation, such as real estate offered on the online service, ships and relatives' houses. This movement, according to the president of Riotur, will extend to the carnival.

In the view of Riotur's president, Rio is the “ball of the time, the priority destination, and the numbers are the result of a year's marketing work that focused on Brazilians to make the city the first choice. of visitors ”.

“The Brazilian, currently, is not traveling frequently due to the high dollar, and has made his trip to Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a destination. It is a desire, and the city has been evolving, security rates have been improving, the operation of the city has been improving and events have been showing its efficiency in logistics. New Year's Eve showed it and was exemplary. Carnival will be as much, ”he said.

Marcelo Alves said tourism is no longer Rio de Janeiro's vocation. "It's Rio de Janeiro's solution, because it brings new money and more taxes to generate more revenue."

In 2020, the city will invest $ 100 million in carnival. Of this total, R $ 16 million will be invested in the Sambadrome, in operations of agencies such as Riotur and Comlurb and in healthcare.

Alves recalled that in the last three years only with the raising of sponsorship raised through the specifications (guidelines and references that must be obeyed in the conception and implementation of a project) were applied R $ 78 million, in addition to grants of R $ 25. millions. "Today the blocks have $ 2 million divided by them."

According to the president of Riotur, so far there are 543 registered block parades, and the largest number will be in the south and center, where the mega-blocks, which usually attract more public, such as the Black Block, will be presented. singer Preta Gil, and Fervo da Lud, from singer and songwriter Ludmilla. In each of the regions will be presented 133 blocks.

The president of Riotur, Marcelo Alves, assured that the schedule of the works of the Sambadrome is on schedule and the site will be delivered at the beginning of February.

The Ministry of Tourism has invested R $ 8.1 million in alterations that range from changes in electrical installations, to give greater security to the space, to the painting and renovation of the stands.

According to Marcelo Alves, the works do not prevent the samba schools from performing technical rehearsals, which lead fans to the Samba Walkway before the period of official parades. “This is a decision of Liesa [Independent League of Samba Schools], which depends on sponsorship, but what is up to the city and Riotur we already offer the Sambadrome, of course, respecting the work in progress in some areas. Nothing prevents them from performing the technical tests, ”he said.


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