Final details in Yucatan to receive the Tianguis Turístico

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Final details in Yucatan to receive the Tianguis Turístico
Wed January 15, 2020

From March 22 to 25, Mérida will host the most important event in Mexico in the tourism sector, which will leave long-term benefits for the State

Yucatan is working on the details to carry out an innovative, dynamic, efficient and highly productive version, in which for three days it will bring together Mexican tourism industry suppliers and buyers from more than 40 countries.

The Tianguis Turístico is the most important event in Mexico and one of the largest showcases in the tourism sector in Latin America so that the destinations of the country expose their tourist offer and services to buyers from different parts of the world.

This great event, which will take place from March 22 to 25, 2020 in Mérida, the Yucatan capital, with the XXI Century Convention and Exhibition Center as the main venue, aims to promote and sell Mexico as a unique country for its history, culture and natural beauty before the biggest buyers of this industry, which will generate more visitors to the country and as a consequence, greater economic spill.

The organization of the TT2020, is in charge of the Federal Sectur and the State Organizing Committee formed by a team of the Secretariat of Tourism Development of Yucatan, under the coordination of Michelle Fridman, head of said agency, who have created working groups with the sectors public and private to carry out joint work to attract greater quality and quantity of buyers and hosted buyers for the benefit of tourism, not only from the host entity, but from Mexico.

“Without a doubt, we will have a before and after the Tourism Tianguis 2020. The premise of our Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, is to increase investment in tourism products and as a result, generate more and better jobs and an economic spill that permeate everyone the municipalities of our State. We have the most important for this objective: The people, the Yucatecans are great hosts, and this is the most important basis that, together with the commitment, law of incentives in new investments, connectivity, security, tranquility and quality in our tourism products, they will be the key to this new tourist era that begins in Yucatán ”- Fridman Hirsh.

The TT2020 coincides with one of the most emblematic celebrations of Yucatan: The Equinox, which is the time of the year when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky, marked by a symmetrical duration of day and night; Earth is completely aligned to its starting point, giving rise to a new cycle. For what the State Organizing Committee considers this Tianguis as Yucatan, the Festival of the Equinox for being an event that implies renewal, which will be efficient, friendly and responsible, making known the best of Yucatan as the cradle of the civilizations that narrate the Mexican history and the origin of everything. “Yucatán the color of Mexico”, a rebirth for the tourism industry and for the State itself.

With this proposal, the Sefotur, together with other State agencies and the private initiative, prepare an extensive program with different extraordinary activities in parallel to the completion of the Tourist Tianguis in Mérida, which includes visits to archaeological sites during the Equinox, a symposium, events and activations and the presentation of new tourist attractions of great magnitude, which will undoubtedly make this event a memorable experience.

It is worth remembering that Yucatan was chosen from among other possible venues, by covering the basic requirements and by its attractive proposal, obtaining 11 of the 12 votes from the Evaluation Committee; In addition, the city has a great infrastructure and quality tourist services, with the commitment and warmth of its inhabitants; the culture and everything that makes Merida and Yucatan, the great destination that it is and that, since 2018, has a place of magnificent exposure in front of the buyers, which, according to the same jury, will achieve one more high participation of them.


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