LATAM launches new cabin class for flights within Latin America

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LATAM launches new cabin class for flights within Latin America
Wed January 15, 2020

The airline announced that it will introduce the Premium Economy superior cabin class within the flight operators with aircraft of the Airbus A320 family (A319, A320, A320neo and A321

LATAM Airlines Group announced today that it will introduce a superior cabin class, Premium Economy, in all its domestic and international flights within Latin America operated by Airbus A320 family aircraft (A319, A320, A320neo and A321; short and medium range aircraft) , since March 16, 2020.

As of this date, LATAM will be the only operator that has a premium service throughout its network of 145 destinations in 26 countries and five continents, having Premium Economy for short and medium range aircraft (Airbus A320 family) and Premium Business for long-range aircraft (Boeing 787, 777, 767 and Airbus A350).

Once implemented, LATAM will offer two kinds of service on all flights operated by short and medium range aircraft: Premium Economy and Economy. Economy passengers will also maintain the option of choosing LATAM + Seats - with greater amplitude and reserved space in the upper compartments - on most of the company's flights.

"Today we are launching Premium Economy, one of the most radical changes in terms of travel experience in the history of LATAM," said Paulo Miranda, Vice President of Customers, LATAM Airlines Group. "As part of our commitment to offer more options, flexibility and customization for all types of trips and remain the first option for customers in Latin America, Premium Economy will offer the possibility of choosing a superior service on all our flights," the executive added.

Premium Economy
The Premium Economy class will be available on more than 240 aircraft that operate 1,280 flights every day both domestically and regionally, offering extensive benefits to customers:

At the airport:
Check-in at the preferred counter
Between one and three pieces of 23 kg hold baggage included
Preferred boarding
Priority baggage at landing
For selected international flights, access to the LATAM VIP Lounge at the airports where it is available (Santiago, São Paulo / GRU, Lima, Bogotá, Miami and Buenos Aires / EZE)

In flight:
Seat in the first three rows of the plane
Central seat locked for more space and privacy
Exclusive compartment for hand luggage
Differentiated experience on board (including snacks, drinks and other complementary options).


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