Acapulco boosts its hotel infrastructure

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Acapulco boosts its hotel infrastructure
Thu January 16, 2020

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico Miguel Torruco Marqués, inaugurated the Dreams hotel


The head of the Federal Tourism Secretariat said that between January and September of last year foreign direct investment in tourism was 898 million dollars, equivalent to three percent of the total foreign direct investment captured in the country. "It should be noted that about 25 percent of this investment was channeled to the hotel sector," he said.
He said that by 2020, 2021 and 2022 there is already an investment of 287 thousand 500 million pesos in portfolio, in 2,755 projects distributed in the 32 states of the republic, which will boost the construction of 89 thousand 733 new hotel rooms and the creation of 78 thousand 643 direct jobs.
He explained that in 2019 22 thousand hotel rooms were built in Mexico, so the current national inventory is 830 thousand, 2.7 percent above last year. In addition, there are currently 23,232 lodging establishments, an amount that is three percent higher than 2018, which strengthens us in the seventh worldwide position in hotel infrastructure.

"It is necessary to remember that around 255 million national tourists travel annually through the country, of which 39.4 percent, that is: 100 million 400 thousand, are staying at the hotel, leaving a spill of 273 billion pesos" he asserted.

He added that due to the importance of hospitality, the government headed by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will continue to promote this significant sector of tourism, which contributes to regional economic development.

Secretary Torruco Marqués said that an example of all this is the opening of this hotel of great tourism with the Dreams brand, and with investment provided by Albert, Joe and Isaac Shakalo, which will be operated by AMResorts, has 605 rooms and will generate 463 direct jobs.

He also stressed that the good direction of the hotel industry in Mexico is also manifested in other indicators of tourism activity. “It is enough to mention that we closed 2019 with the arrival of 44 million 700 thousand international tourists, 8.3 percent more than in 2018; and with an economic spill of 24 thousand 800 million dollars, which represented an increase of 10.2 percent over last year, ”he said.

Similarly, 243 thousand direct jobs were generated, to add 4 million 435 thousand jobs in the sector, meaning 5.8 more than in 2018.

Finally, he said that these results are an incentive to continue working under the same guideline, in addition to showing the interest and confidence of investors in the current Government and in Mexico, which remains a world tourism power.

Alejandro Reynal, executive director of Apple Leisure Group, also attended this inaugural event; Gonzalo del Peón, president of AMResorts; Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona, ​​Secretary of Tourism of the state of Guerrero; Adela Román Ocampo, municipal president of Acapulco; and José Luis Basilio Talavera, Secretary of Tourism of the municipality of Acapulco.


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