Bariloche, the adventure is lived in Patagonia

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Bariloche, the adventure is lived in Patagonia
Fri January 17, 2020

Rivers, lakes, mountains, steppe combine to create the perfect setting for a stay full of adrenaline and fun

The landscapes are not just to admire them, there is another way to enjoy them and it is living experiences full of adventure and adrenaline. For this, Bariloche has all the elements to enjoy from the most cautious to the most risky.
In the winter the boldest go up to the snowpark and visit the slopes for experts, but in the summer you can do many challenging activities on land, water and air.
As during the summer the temperature rises, the water sports are in their splendor. Kayaking on rivers or lakes are the most popular and can be a challenge if you face the rapids. The lakes where you can do this type of excursions are Nahuel Huapi, Moreno, Gutiérrez, Mascardi, Los Moscos, Hess, Fonk, Roca, Guillelmo and Steffen, among others. Departures include transportation, meals, rowing equipment and bilingual guides. Some trips last several days and the companies they organize include tents and kitchen equipment.
Another option to venture into the Patagonian waters is rafting and Stand Up Rafting (Bariloche is the only place in Latin America that offers this new sports proposal). This last option is made in the Limay River, and consists of rowing in groups, standing, sitting or kneeling, on an inflatable raft specially designed for this discipline. It is always done with the accompaniment of a specialized guide. The traditional rafting is done in the rivers of the Nahuel Huapi National Park through immense forests through its exciting action-packed rapids. During the summer, the flow grows forming holes and waves that produce high intensity rapids.

Adventure in the air
The heights provide an unparalleled view of the region, but you have to dare to enjoy it in a daring way. The canopy proposes another way to discover nature, with family or friends. This activity allows you to experience the sensation of flying through the forest while admiring the wonderful landscapes of Bariloche. For two hours, the participants - using all the necessary security elements to make a comfortable flight - face different paths along 1500 meters. It can be done by children and adults, as instructors are assisted.
Another possibility, a little more daring, is canyoning, which combines trekking, rappelling, zip lining, jumps from natural trampolines, swimming, climbing. All emotions in an activity. For 20 minutes the ascent is made and then begin to descend to pure adrenaline combining rappel sections with wells of crystalline water until you reach the waterfall, the Salto del Vasco, 30 meters high. There you can continue with rappel or zip line (canopy). Then continue with trekking and rappelling until the experience ends.

Adrenaline via land
In Bariloche you will find the atmosphere conducive to adventure activities such as 4x4, trekking, hiking and chairlifts, among other options.
Trekking is another of the most sought after activities by those who like this type of walks. There are trails for all levels and each one can build their own path, the website provides useful information to do the activity and take into account the data of the terrain, the weather, the difficulty of each tour.
The steppe is a different scenario of Bariloche that allows to know another landscape of the area. Due to its vast extension, it allows many activities such as stand up rafting, floating, horseback riding, hiking, biking, fishing and even bird watching.


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