Volaris donates to the Rescate Animal NGO on behalf of its clients

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Volaris donates to the Rescate Animal NGO on behalf of its clients
Fri January 17, 2020

The Mexican airline support the organization in its rescue efforts to dogs, cats and other animals in street situations, abuse and neglect throughout Mexico

The ultra-low cost Mexican airline that operates in Mexico, the United States and Central America, made a donation for 50 thousand pesos to the NGO Rescate Animal​, to support its rescue work for dogs, cats and other animals in a street situation, abuse and abandonment throughout the Republic.

Volaris, aware that pets are an important part of the family, has a meticulous protocol for the transport of animals, and makes this donation as part of its campaign for the safety of pets.

The campaign and donation are given after an incident on social networks in which the company was involved and which was clarified by the same means. Holger Blankenstein, Executive Vice President Commercial and Operations of the Airline said: “Last week at Volaris we had the opportunity to remind our Clients and our followers on social networks, that for us all our passengers are important, both those of two and those of four paws. We had the idea of ​​involving Animal Rescue, through this donation, to strengthen their work, which has saved the lives of hundreds of animals. ”

The airline gave Georgina Molina, representative of Rescate Animal​, the donation on behalf of all Volaris Customers who, who joined this cause through Twitter, thanks to the company said that for each time that publication was shared, I would donate 1 peso to the organization.

Additionally, the event was attended by Cali, Pamy and Nugget, 3 dogs of the Organization, which are in search of a home in which they are loved and protected. Volaris invited its Ambassadors to continue donating to animal protection organizations, as well as to adopt responsibly.

At the end of the event, Nugget was adopted by Ambassador Volaris, Barbara Kopec.


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