Jamaica promotes “learning trips”

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Jamaica promotes “learning trips”
Fri January 17, 2020

The destination developed programs for travelers seeking transformative getaways and learning new skills through cultural exchanges and inspired by local activities

Jamaica offers the perfect getaway for the “Learning Trips”, one of the main tourist trends of 2019. These trips make the visitor an impact agent for the destination to which he travels, thus adding a greater purpose to their holidays. Travelers seeking transformative getaways and learning new skills can achieve this through cultural exchanges and inspired by local activities, combining leisure and education during their stay in Jamaica.

"The best way to understand and appreciate something is to experience it," says Jamaica Tourism Director Donovan White. "Coming to Jamaica and experiencing first-hand culture teaches travelers invaluable skills for their lives, either by bringing Caribbean pleasures to their hometown or drawing inspiration from the island's lessons for a more sustainable future."
Here are some activities in Jamaica that allow you to have fun while learning, thus achieving a memorable vacation.

Jakes Hotel
Located in Treasure Beach, on the South Coast of Jamaica, Jakes Hotel is not just an eclectic design boutique hotel, it is a sustainable property that helps the community. Jakes offers daily tours to its guests through their orchards so that they see exactly where everything they consume at their table comes from. If guests are curious about the secrets of condiments, such as the traditional Jerk and other spices on the island, they can learn to prepare traditional Jamaican dishes with Chef Shevan and Chef Kern. Guests can also learn about the Jakes Manifesto, which donates a dollar from each bank transfer made by the hotel to Breds, the Treasure Beach Foundation. These donations fund many community projects, including sports for social change, as well as education and conservation projects.

Rastafari indigenous village
The Rastafari Native Village of Montego Bay is an eco-cultural experience that offers a variety of activities that include learning about the history of Jamaica, cooking classes and participation in indigenous musical demonstrations, as well as an introduction to the Rastafari way of life. For an interactive experience, visitors can share with drum makers who make traditional drums by hand, using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. Whether travelers choose a half-day or full-day tour of the village, the activities conclude with a show of traditional drums and songs in the center of town, which constitute an unforgettable experience of Jamaica.

Blue Mountains of Jamaica
Blue Mountains and John Crow are home to the world's most sought after coffee, Blue Mountain coffee. The magical mountains are a popular destination on the island where locals and guests can camp and walk, immersing themselves in the lush nature. Coffee farms offer guests tours of the coffee lands and in the historic mansion you learn about the history of coffee production, seeing firsthand how the beans are collected and processed and, of course, enjoy a hot cup And aromatic of this world famous drink is guaranteed.

Boston is located near Port Antonio, east of Jamaica. The town is not only known for being the original birthplace of Jerk cuisine, but also for Boston Beach, a beach famous among surfers for having some of the best waves in Jamaica. The sport of surfing is limited to some beaches in Jamaica, however, those on the southeast coast, such as Boston Beach, are equipped with perfect waves due to strong winds. The country's first professional surf team, consisting of Ronald Hastings, Garren Pryce, Amani Green, Icah Wilmot and Shama Beckford, will debut at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Taking a surfing class in Bull Bay with some of Jamaica's most professional professionals and instructors in Jamnesia, the oldest surf school on the island, can take your surfer skills to a higher level.


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