ALTA: 40 years and on the move

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ALTA: 40 years and on the move
Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA
Fri January 17, 2020

On April 8, 1980, the Latin American Air Transport International Association (AITAL) was born in Bogota, Colombia, at the initiative of 12 airlines, as a non-profit association serving air transport in the region

Throughout the years, with changes in focus and leadership, the association modified its name to the Latin American Air Transport Association (ALTA) and, more recently, to the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association.​
This year, 2020, ALTA proudly celebrates its 40 years of history advocating for the efficient, safe and sustainable development of aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region that today accounts for 8% of global aviation and has the prospect of doubling its passenger traffic within the next 10 years.
“ALTA has a 40-year history of uninterrupted service. The association gains relevance every year and generates contributions to aviation and to the economic and social growth of the region. With the celebration of our 40th anniversary, the time has also come to review ourselves and strengthen for new challenges ahead. In this process, we realized that our corporate identity did not align 100% to our working philosophy,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA’s Executive Director & CEO.

ALTA on the move​
In 2018, the association launched a new motto: ALTA on the move to accompany its structural transformation that resulted in the establishment of the headquarters in Panama, the restructuring of the executive team, the redesign of the strategy and activities to better serve its members, to gain relevance and effectiveness and to quickly adapt to a changing and continuously developing region.​
After two years of effective transformations, ALTA reactivated its fuel committee, received more than 30 new members and turned around its conferences. “This year, we celebrate significant milestones that have strengthened the association and its presence in the region. ALTA is an association at the service of the industry that keeps on the move and knows how to adapt to the changing environment,” added de Oliveira.
In line with the philosophy of keeping on the move, ALTA decided to start its anniversary year by refreshing its corporate identity, keeping the essence and legacy of the association, with a more open and minimalist look.

What was kept?
ALTA proudly represents aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean, therefore keeps the map of the region in its logo.

What changed?​
The color scheme has changed, now representing the variety and richness of the region, the diversity in ALTA team, the breadth of its members.​
Shadows from the map were eliminated, keeping a white background that gives prominence to a region that is becoming more and more relevant in the global aviation market that will grow at a rate above the global average. “We are proudly Latin American”.
An aircraft born in the region and flying around the world was added. ALTA keeps on the move, connected and growing.​
The aircraft is green, as the industry is strongly committed to the environment. It is a strong commitment that will determine the future of aviation.

An association serving the industry​
With its identity refreshed, ALTA appreciates minimalism with an open, fresh and dynamic attitude that knows how to adapt to new times.
ALTA was born 40 years ago on the initiative of a group of airlines and over time expanded its range of action to serve the entire air transport value chain. “Each aircraft that takes off generates more sales for the aircraft and parts’ manufacturers, maintenance and fuel companies, more taxes for airports, more tourists and revenues for countries. Aviation is a large ecosystem and our mission at ALTA is to advocate for the best conditions so that the entire value chain can jointly develop in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. The development generated in aviation brings economic and social welfare to the people of the region through the catalytic effect of the industry. ALTA is ready to continue many more decades on the move at the service of this great industry,” concluded de Oliveira.


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