Embratur goes to the USA to encourage international cruises to Brazil

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Embratur goes to the USA to encourage international cruises to Brazil
Tue January 21, 2020

Chief Executive Officer Gilson Machado Neto embarked in the US this week. He is accompanied by senators Flávio Bolsonaro and Irajá, and deputy Hélio Lopes

Embratur's CEO, Gilson Machado Neto, accompanied by Senators Flávio Bolsonaro (Without party-RJ) and Irajá Abreu (PSD-TO) and Deputy Hélio Lopes (PSL-RJ), started the first international agenda of the year in the United States. U.S. On Monday (20), the Brazilian delegation visited the facilities and exchanged experiences with members of Carnival Corporation & plc. Located in Miami, the company is the largest in the world in the field of cruise ships. The main objective is to captain large US cruise corporations to operate in Brazil, in order to strengthen tourism and generate employment and income in the country.

According to Gilson Machado Neto, the increase in cruise operations in Brazil is one of Embratur's main focuses this year. According to him, “the number of cruises in the country has dropped a lot due to Brazilian labor legislation involving the operation of the ships. Embratur's goal is to recover the tourism potential of this segment ”, he highlighted.

Senator Flávio Bolsonaro was the author of a report favorable to the text in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, which approved at the end of last year Brazil's accession to the new text of the Convention on Maritime Labor, approved in 2014 by the International Labor Organization (ILO), agency that is part of the United Nations (UN). The convention deals with decent working conditions for those who work in navigation, regulating topics such as paid holidays, safety and health, minimum working age, recruitment, minimum working hours and rest, accommodation conditions, meals, leisure facilities, welfare and social protection.

Renê Hermann, Henrique Costa and Renata Ribeiro, members of Carnival Corporation & plc, presented the work of the company that operates in several countries worldwide. Carnival has 30 million passengers per year, with the port of Miami having up to 7 ships belonging to the group alone. The promise, according to the group's employees, is to reach 83 ships produced by 2023. In 2019, there were 5.6 million passengers on 2,000 cruises promoted during the year. The largest markets are: United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

In the 2019/2020 season of cruise ships in Brazil, the supply of beds is expected to grow 6.3%. "In 2018/19 and 2017/18, we had already grown 15%, so we have accumulated a 36.3% growth in the last three seasons here in Brazil," commented Embratur's CEO, Gilson Machado Neto. “Our main objective is to increase the number of cruisers in Brazil, as only 65 thousand passengers pass through the country each year. We have already had 32 cruise ships in Brazilian waters, now we have eight ”, said Neto.

The economic impact of the cruise industry in the USA was R $ 59 billion in 2018. In Brazil, only R $ 2 billion. There were 421 thousand jobs in North American soil. In Brazil, 31,992 jobs were created.


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